O and I ST and GH joints pta

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  1. UT
    • O: occipital bone, nuchal ligament on upper cervical spinous processes
    • I: outer 3rd of clavicle, acromion process
  2. MT
    • O: C7 through T3 spinous processes
    • I: scapular spine
  3. LT
    • O: spinous processes of middle and lower thoracic
    • I: base of scapular spine
  4. Levator Scapula
    • O: Tranverse processes of C1-4
    • I: Vertebral border of scapula between superior angle and spine
  5. Rhomboids
    • O: spinous process C7 thru T5
    • I: vertebral border of scapula between spine and inferior angle
  6. Serratus
    • O: Lateral surface of upper 8 ribs
    • I: vertebral border of scapula on anterior surface
  7. Pect Minor
    • O: anterior surface of 3rd thru 5th ribs
    • I: Coracoid process of scapula
  8. Anterior Delt
    • O: lateral 3rd of clavicle
    • I: deltoid tuberosity
  9. Mid Delt
    • O: Acromion process
    • I: deltoid tuberosity.
  10. Post Delt
    • O: Spine of scapula
    • I: deltoid tuberosity
  11. Pec Major Clavicular
    • O: Medial 3rd of clavicle
    • I: lateral lip of bicipital groove
  12. Pec Major Sternal
    • O: Sternum and costal cartilage of first 6 ribs
    • I: lateral lip of bicipital groove
  13. Lats
    • O: Spinous processes T7-L5 via dorsolumbar fascia, posterior sacrum, iliac crest, and lower 3 ribs
    • I: medial floor of bicipital groove
  14. Teres major
    • O: Axillary border of scapular near the inferior angle
    • I: crest below lesser tubercle inferior to lats attachment
  15. Supraspinatus
    • O: Supraspinatous fossa of scapula
    • I: Greater tubercle
  16. Infraspinatus
    • O: Infraspinatus fossa
    • I: Greater tubercle
  17. Teres minor
    • O: axillary borderĀ 
    • I: Greater tubercle
  18. Subscapularis
    • O: subscapular fossa
    • I: lesser tubercle
  19. Coracobrachialis
    • O: coracoid prcess
    • I: medial surface of humerus near midpoint
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O and I ST and GH joints pta
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