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  1. Holistic thinking
    The view that systems function as wholes and that their functioning cannot be fully understood solely in terms of their component parts
  2. 4 Spans
    Control, accountability, influence, support
  3. Seven organisational values
    Collaboration, Mutual respect, Integrity, Organisation-centric: All for one, one for all!, Client-centric: Dedicated to making our clients successful!, Trust and safety, professional excellence
  4. Nine competency areas
    Strategic action planning, Programme Management and oversight, culture and communications, organisation change, business process evaluation, economic and financial analysis, information security management, technology studies and assessments, requirements management
  5. "Classic five" management functions
    planning, organizing, staffing, directing/leading, controlling
  6. Effectiveness and Efficiency
    To do the right things and to do the things right
  7. 3 characteristics of organisations
    organisations are goal-oriented, organisations are social systems, organisations have structures
  8. Organisation design - five rules of thumb
    design when there is a compelling reason, consider (all) options, choose the right time to design, look for clues that things are out of alignment, remain alert to future developments
  9. Classic organisation theory - conclusions
    emotions disturb task completion, rational choices, coordination by instruction, hierarchy and delegation, efficiency by rule following, higher productivity through specialisation, employees have to be controlled, financial benefits as only source of motivation, future can be planned and predicted
  10. key elements of organisation structure
    work specialisation, departmentalisation, chain of command, span of control, centralisation and decentralisation, formalisation
  11. What is org. culture?
    Organisational culture is concerned with how employees perceive the cultural characteristics of an organisation, and not with whether they like them.
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