Chapter 13 Column 3

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  1. to be happy
    alegrarse (de)
  2. to hope; to wish
  3. to be sorry; to regret
    sentir (e:ie)
  4. to fear
  5. it's strange
    es extraño
  6. it's a shame
    es una lástima
  7. it's ridiculous
    es ridículo
  8. it's terrible
    es terrible
  9. it's sad
    es triste
  10. I hope (that); I wish (that)
    ojalá (que)
  11. (not) to believe
    (no) creer
  12. (not) to doubt
    (no) dudar
  13. (no) negar (e:ie)
    (not) to deny
  14. it's impossible
    es imposible
  15. it's improbable
    es improbable
  16. it's obvious
    es obvio
  17. There is no doubt that...
    No cabe duda de
  18. There is no doubt that...
    No hay duda de
  19. it's (not) certain
    (no) es cierto
  20. it's (not) possible
    (no) es posible
  21. it's (not) probable
    (no) es probable
  22. it's (not) certain
    (no) es seguro
  23. it's (not) true
    (no) es verdad
  24. unless
    a menos que
  25. before
    antes (de) que
  26. provided (that)
    con tal (de) que
  27. when
  28. after
    después de que
  29. in case (that)
    en caso (de) que
  30. as soon as
    en cuanto
  31. until
    hasta que
  32. so that
    para que
  33. without
    sin que
  34. tan pronto como
    as soon as
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