cognition exam 2a part 2

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  1. Describe what working memory (Baerly) is
    conscious, attention-consuming processes are preformed

    It is a multi-component memory system that is relying on many different brain areas, is engaged in many different conscious attention-consuming tasks, of which short-term memory is only a small part
  2. Describe what the Central Executive is
    planning future actions, initial revival and decision processes, and integrating information coming into the system

    Language comprehension, reasoning, and storing and retrieval operations involving long-term memory
  3. Describe the characteristics of the Slave Systems
    responsible for low-level processing, domain specific

    The have their own pool of limited attentional resources (but can drain additional resources from the central executive for difficult tasks)
  4. Describe the Articulatory / phonological loop and its functions
    speech and sound related component responsible for rehearsal of verbal information and phonological processing (recycling/rehearsal)
  5. Describe the Visuo-spatial sketchpad and its functions
    Specialized system for visual and spatial information, holding or maintaining visual/spatial information in a short-duration buffer (spatial/visual tasks)
  6. How memory is measured?
    measured by how much information can you store and process

    the number of sentences and words that can be processed, understood, and recalled is the working memory span
  7. Describe the differences, similarities between short-term and working memory
    short-term memory deals with the phonological loop

    working memory deals with the Phonological loop, central executive, and visuo-spatial sketch pad
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