Organization and Management Quiz 17

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  1. What four factors distinguish types of plans
    • -Breadth
    • -Time frame
    • -Specificity
    • -Frequency of use
  2. What are strategic plans?
    Plans that apply to the entire organization and establish the organization's overall goals
  3. What are operational plans?
    Plans that encompass a particular operation area of the organization
  4. What are long-term plans?
    Plans with a time frame beyond three years
  5. What are short-term plans?
    Plans with a time frame of one year or less
  6. What are specific plans?
    Plans that are clearly defined and leave no room for interpretation
  7. What are directional plans?
    Flexible plans that set out general guidelines
  8. What are single-use plans?
    A one-time plan specifically designed to meet the needs of a unique situation
  9. What are standing plans?
    Ongoing plans that provide guidance for activities performed repeatedly
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