Criminial Justice 100

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  1. Criminial justice process
    The various stages through which the offender passes.
  2. Law enforcement assistance
    Agency provided aid to local and state justice agencies between 1969 and 1982.
  3. Social control
    The control of an individual's behavior by social and institution forces in society.
  4. Nolle prosequi
    When a prosecutor decides to drop a case after a complaint has been formally made. 13 Months on record.
  5. Grand jury
    Responsible for investigating alleged crimes, examining evidence, and issuing indictments.
  6. True bill of indictment
    A written statement charging a defendant with the commission of a crime, drawn up by a prosecuting attorney and considered by a grand jury.
  7. Information
    Charging document filed by the prosecution that forms the basis of the preliminary hearing.
  8. Probable cause hearing
    Used in some jurisdictions for a preliminary hearing to show cause to bring a case to trail.
  9. Courtroom work group
    Indicates that all parties in the adversary process work together cooperatively to settle cases with the least amount of effort and conflict.
  10. Decriminalization
    Reducing the penalty for a criminal act but not actually legalizing it.
  11. Legalization
    The removal of all criminial penalties form a pervisous outlawed act.
  12. Deinstitutionalization
    Removing as many offenders as possible from secure confinement and treating them in the community.
  13. Pretrial diversion
    Provides non punitive, community-based alternatives to more intrusive forms of punishment such as jail or prison.
  14. Widening the net of justice
    Substituting more intrusive treatment programs for less intrusive punishment-oriented outcomes.
  15. Truth-in-sentencing law
    Have to serve 85% of original sentence to be eligible for parole, or early release.
  16. Dismissal
    A termed used by a judge to drop charges. Unlike a Nolle no charges are kept!
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