4th - Religion Chapter 2

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  1. What is the meaning of YHWH?
    This is the Hebrew word for God. that he revealed to Moses
  2. What is the Gospels?
    Are the first four books of the New Testament that are names after theĀ  Evangelists. " Matthew, Mark, Luke and John that pass on the Good New of Jesus Christ
  3. Who are the scribes?
    They are the people that wrote down faith stories.
  4. What are the Sacred Scripture?
    There are the Holy writings of the people of God inspired by the Holy Spirit and collected in the bible.
  5. Who author of the Bible?
    Mark, John, Matthew and Luke
  6. What is the Old Testament about?
    The Old Testament is 46 books beginning with the story of creation and Adam & Eve. We read that God created Adam and Eve to live in friendship with him.
  7. What is the New Testament about?
    The New Testament is 27 books that tell about the fulfillment of God's promise in Jesus Christ.
  8. What does the word Gospel mean?
    It means good news.
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