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    • over kanim krok
    • w/ coconut crème fraiche
    • onion marmalade               
    • GF
      • A take on the traditional blini and caviar preparation.
      • Will have kanom krok, small Vietnamese cakes made from rice flour, to replace the traditional buckwheat belini.
      • To pair with it we will have:
        •  a coconut crème fraiche for a creamy mouth feel
        • tart sweet onion marmalade to help cut the salt from the roe and act as a palate cleanser.    
    • pork liver pate
    • suckling pig
    • pickled veg
    • cilantro pesto using cashews
    • demi French loaf

        • A small, flavor packed, version of the traditional Vietnamese sandwich.

        •  Demi French loaf

        • Spread of cilantro pesto made with cashews instead of pine nuts

        • Pork liver pate

        • The meat will be from our suckling pigs from the local farm

        • Topped with assorted miso pickled vegetables and micro cilantro.

        • The meat could come in a variety of forms as we work our way through the entire animal. Most often it will be in the form of a braised pulled meat but you might also see it in a meat ball or country style terrine as well if there is excess pieces of trim that needs to be used.    
    • head on
    • sautéed in nam prik num
    • Miso pickles   
    • GF
      • Very simple dish that is really meant to be a bar item that will push liquor sales and should be eaten with your fingers to really get a street food feel.
      • The prawns are head on
      •  Sauteed in the nam prik num, which is a thai green chili sauce.
      • Served with a small portion of salty, acidic pickles. Between the salt and heat it should really make you want a drink.
    • brushed w/ thin soy
    • settled on Sake ice
    • garnished with brunoise of pineapple  
    • GF
      • East coast oysters
      •  that will sit atop a sorbet or granite, which is a shaved ice.
      • Brushed with thin soy
      • Garnished with a brunoise of pineapple that has been compressed in spicy simple syrup.
  5. OTORO
    • Raw tuna over
    • sushi rice rolled in sesame seed powder.
    • Condiments _____?   
    • GF
      • Otoro, which is said to be the best part of the tuna, come from the rich fatty belly portion.
      •  Thinly sliced
      • Placed atop our sushi rice
        • Rolled in toasted sesame seed powder.
      • Condiments
        • Fluid gels
          • Made through the use of agar
          • Wasabi
          • Pickled ginger
        • Sesame pearls
        • Sesame powder.
    • salted dry aged grass fed rib eye.
    • Served w/ preserved tomatoes,
    • charred onions,
    • slow cooked egg yolks,
    • black garlic puree c
    • rème fraiche
    • and potato chips
      • From salted dry aged grass fed rib eye from a local farm.
      • Rolled in a spice mixture
      • Seared and frozen to make it easy to thinly slice.
      • Accompanied by
        • Preserved tomatoes
        • Charred onions
        • Slow cooked egg yolks
        • Black garlic puree
        • Crème fraiche
        • Potato chips.
    • bamboo rice,
    • kaffir cured salmon,
    • chili,
    • preserved lemon,
    • edamame,
    • wasabi deviled egg                                           
    • GF
      • Meaning “scattered sushi”.
      • Bamboo rice
        • rice treated with young bamboo juice before it is dried.
      • Topped with:
        •  kaffir cured salmon
        • spicy chili paste
        • preserved lemon
        • Edamame
        • a wasabi deviled egg for richness and fat.
    • minced raw salmon
    • seasoned with pickled daikon and miso aioli.
    • Beet marinated egg,
    • hummus
    • and puffed chickpeas                       
    • GF
      • Trim from the fillets in another dish.
      • Chopped to a fine texture
      • Folded into it:
        • Miso aioli
        • Pickled daikon
        • Beet marinated egg will provide another layer of richness from the yolk and pair well with the hummus.
        • Puffed chickpeas will provide textured.
  9. SMOKED TOFU “Vichyssoise”
    • sai ua,
    • daikon,
    •  vermicelli                   
    • GF
      • Served warm, not chilled like a traditional vichyssoise.
      • Vegetable base of
        • Potato
        • Onion
        • Daikon
        • Turnip.
        • Pureed with the vegetable stock and tofu. The tofu will allow for a cream color and velvet smooth mouth feel  similar to that of a traditional vichyssoise.
      • Garnished with:
      •  slices of sai ua, a heavily spiced thai sausage
      • crispy vermicelli noodles
      • slivered radishes.
      • All soup services here will require the actual soup itself be poured tableside by the server or food runner.    
  10. CRUDO
    • white fish,
    • coconut&green curry sauce,
    •  pickled radish gel,
    • preserved  lemon,
    • radish and jalapenos                                   
    • GF
      • Crudo, meaning raw
      • Very well balanced dish that requires no cooking, intricately plated.
      • Portion of white fish that will change with the market, very cleanly cut and fresh.
      • Garnished with:
        •  slivers of preserved lemon which will provide a nice clean salty aspect to the dish
        •  pickled radish gel which will be slightly sweet and acidic
        • slivered jalapeño and radish for crisp fresh spice
        • mico greens, typically radish.
      • A chilled sauce
        • Coconut
        • Green curry
    • smoked, then grilled.
    • Pumpkin 4 ways,
    • black quinoa,
    • Mizuna   
    • GF
      • This is a nice dish going into fall.
      • Squid
        • marinated in garlic and chilis
        • then smoked
        • placed on the grill just until its warmed through.
      • Pumpkin:
        • Sesame scented pumpkin puree --extremely smooth and vibrant in color.
        • Hay roasted pumpkin pieces--earthy and tender.
        • Spicy pumpkin seeds which will provide much needed texture and a bit of spice.
        • Turmeric and pumpkin leather--this is just a way to use any trim or by product from the other applications.
      • Quinoa sautéed in pumpkin oil
      • Garnish
        • Fresh mizuna
        • Asian mustard green.
  12. RAMEN
    • suckling pork,
    • rich broth,
    • thin egg noodles,
    • beet marinated egg
      • Will work our way through the entire animal showing our ethical and sustainable practices.
      • The rich broth
        • made from the braising process
        • rich pork stock from bones provided by the same farmer.
      • Soft boiled egg that is marinated in beet juice
      • Assorted vegetables.
      • You will also see this dish in beef and seafood versions following the same principals.
    • Braised chicken,
    • kamut wheat,
    • vegetables.
    • Yellow curry Espuma   
    • GF
      • Same flavor profiles of a traditional “dry” curry just presented differently.
      • Braised chicken from a local farm
      • Broth made from the carcass with the breast meat being utilized in another dish once again utilizing the entire animal.
      • Kamut
        • a trademarked grain, name of the oriental Khorasan wheat which is twice the size of the modern day wheat.
        • sautéed with
          • Vegetables
          • Braised chicken
          • Chicken stock.
      • A yellow curry espuma will top the dish.
    • chix breast dark soy glazed,
    •  caramelized miso,
    •  carrots
    • and bulgur wheat
    • (GF)
      • Utilizes the final part of the chicken, the breast.
      • Sous vide ahead of time to assist with ease of pickup during service.
      • Upon firing the order it will be brushed with a dark soy glaze, which is simply glucose and soy sauce, and warmed through.
      •  To offset the subtle sweetness there will be a caramelized miso which will add a nice salty / umami component to the chicken.
      • Toasted bulgur wheat
      • Carrots.                     
    • pan seared in oil & ginger
    • Medium done
    • Red curry broth thickened with golden raisins and tapioca,
    • coconut rice,
    • poached onion,
    • pickled beech mushrooms
    • GF
      • Another curry dish this one is less traditional but with the same flavors you would normally expect.
      • Pan seared and basted with oil and ginger until it is medium
      • Puree of red curry broth thickened with golden raisins and ultra tex 3
      • White rice that will be mixed with
        • slightly sweetened coconut milk
        • poached onion
        • sautéed and pickled beech mushrooms.
    • with kimchi compressed apples,
    •  rich and creamy sweet potatoes
    • and sautéed black quinoa    
    • GF
      • Your traditional flavor pairing of pork, apple and potato with a Korean twist.
      • The suckling pork will be from a local farm and we will utilize the entire animal or the cut of meat and preparation will vary.
      • The apples will be local  Missouri apples that will be compressed with a kimchi liquid, a traditional condiment or side dish in Korea.
      • Scallion grilled and charred to provide a smoke and bitter element
      • Sweet potatoes which will be rich and creamy
      • Sautéed black quinoa.
    • Salmon sous vide
    • with duck fat
    • over julienned cabbage and cashew sesame fish sauce butter.
    • Garni of pickled mustard seed.
    • Vegetarian Dashi tableside        
    • GF
      • Skinless portion
        • cryo vaced with duck fat
        • sous vide briefly just to warm it though.
      • Atop  julienned cabbage and a spoonful of cashew butter which will have a hint of sesame and fish sauce.
      • To add a bitter and acidic component topped with pickled mustard seed
      • Rich vegetarian dashi will be poured tableside.
    • smoked then grill finished
    • with hoisin.
    • Assorted potatoes
    • and root vegetables
    • ?GF
      • Straightforward meat and potato dish.
      • Grass fed from a local farm
      • Smoked then grilled while being brushed with hoisin sauce.
      • Assorted potatoes and root vegetables featuring varying preparations.
      • The cut of beef will vary with market price as well as availability.
      • We will typically be working with tougher cuts as they are more challenging to work with but typically have a better flavor profile.
    • sweetened cream cheese
    • whipped with kaffir infused cream,
    • coconut flakes, 
    • ginger nougat,
    •  dehydrated meringue
    • GF
      • Does not contain eggs and isn’t baked.
      • It is more of a mousse but keeps the same rich sweet flavors traditional cheesecake does.
      • Kefir leaves steeped into the cream before it is whipped and folded into the shredded coconut and sweetened cream cheese.
      • For texture, ginger nougat
      • Dehydrated meringue.
    • non traditional custard
    • with rich soy caramel,
    • spiced candied peanuts
    •  and sesame tuille
      • Agar agar instead of eggs
      • Very rich amber soy caramel that will help cut through the spice of the roasted peanuts.
      •  Garnished by a sesame tuille, or cookie.
    • local apples many ways.
    • Burnt miso,
    •  nougat       
    • GF

              • Asian spin on a traditional American comfort dessert.

              • Missouri apples prepared in a variety of ways:

                • vanillia pickled

                • Compressed

                • Gelee

                • Sauteed

                • Burnt miso for the salt

                • caramel

                • salted caramel powder that is made with tapioca maltodextrin

                • Nougat accented with Szechuan pepper.
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