Ch 6

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  1. Can take the place of articles
  2. Determiners cannot occur _____ or with ____
    alone, each other
  3. determiners must ____ the adjective, and not _____ it
    precede the adjective, follow
  4. demonstrate (point out indefinitely) which particular box of something is being discussed. ex: this, that, these, and those
    demonstrative modifiers
  5. quantify the nouns that follow them. also called an indefinite modifier
    quantifier or quant
  6. dictates ownership
    possessive pronoun
  7. its purpose is to indicate ownership (BUT ITS A PHRASE) ex: the boy's , the small family's. In its simplest terms you form a ___ ___ ___ by taking a noun phrase and adding 's to the end
    possessive noun phrase
  8. modify verbs because they tell how, where, when, or why the action occurred
  9. ______ _____ and adverbs are interchangeable
  10. because prepositional phrases exist in the same category and can be interchanged, they are considered to be a part of the _______ phrase
    adverbial phrase. AdvP son!
  11. Prepositions that do not modify a ____ are not labeled an ___ _____
    verb, adverb phrase
  12. prepositions that do modify a verb are labeled as an ___ ____
    adverb phrase. AdvP
  13. ____ verbs can be followed by a noun phrase (ex: the place is a jet) or an adjectival phrase (ex: the plane is new)
  14. ____ adverbials can follow linking verbs, and so can ___ adverbials
    place and time
  15. adverbial phrases cannot be followed by a _____ adverbial (such as beautifully, an adverb that answers how)
  16. "the plane is here" is an example of a
    place adverbial
  17. "the departure is tomorrow" is an example of a
    time adverbial
  18. AdvP vs AdvPl
    one modifies an verb and one modifies a linking verb
  19. includes the word that modified the adjective, and together the modifier and the adjective create the ____ phrase
    adjective phrase AdjP
  20. modifiers are called ______ modifiers
  21. many modifiers end with -ly so they are often referred to as ______ adverbs
  22. _____ modifiers can also follow _____ verbs
    degree, linking
  23. an ____ phrase consists of an adjective with or without a preceding degree modifier
    adjective phrase
  24. ____ adjectives must be initially labeled as an adjective phrase
  25. an _____ modifier can precede a noun (the very quick tempo) or follow a ____ verb (the tempo was very quick)
  26. _____ clauses only occur following a linking verb, never before a noun (the children are happy that you came vs the happy that you came children)
  27. and adjective phrase that precedes a noun
    AdjP adjective phrase
  28. an adjective phrase that follows a linking verb
    adjective phrase linking. AdjPl
  29. nouns can also be modified by other nouns
    nominal modifiers
  30. an entire noun phrase can act as a ___ _____. separately a noun phrase could not describe the noun
    nominal modifier
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