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  1. Conformity can result from 2 types of motivations
    -informational social influence

    -normative social influence
  2. Conformity can result from 2 types of motivations) informational social influence
    -we see other as a source of information
  3. Conformity can result from 2 types of motivations) normative social influence
    -we feel pressured to behave as other people do out of fear that they will reject or criticize us
  4. Conformity can result from 2 types of motivations) normative social influence: what is the motivation attached here?
    To feel liked
  5. Conformity can result from 2 types of motivations) informational social influence: WHAT is the motivation attached?
    The need to be accurate
  6. 2 ways informational social influence?
    -believe other can interpret an ambiguous situation better than us

    -believe others can help us choose an appropriate course of action
  7. What were the main points of Sherif informational social influence experiment (3)
    -wanted to see how people use other people as a social frame of reference

    -used the autokinetic illusion

    -subjects gradually made use of others responses as social information

    ***this is the study that the participants were shown a laser point and then asked how far it had traveled. After awhile, they all tend to agree on how far it travelled
  8. When will people conform to informational social influence? (3)
    -situation is ambiguous or novel

    -situations is a crisis

    -other people are experts and show entitle confidence in their opinions
  9. 3 ways you can resist informational social influence
    -are other more informed than you?

    -seek out own information

    -understanding how informational social influence works can help you resist
  10. What are social norms?
    Rules for social behavior
  11. norms exert greatest influence when... (3)
    -conditions are uncertain

    -source is similar

    -concerned about relationship with source
  12. Normative social influence) ash's line study
    The person still conformed to the wrong answer even though they fully knew that that wasn't the answer
  13. When will people conform to normative social influence? (3)

    -group is important

    -collectivist culture
  14. 3 ways to resist normative social influence
    -be aware it is operating

    -have an ally

    • -conforming most of the time give you the right to deviate occasionally
    • *idiosyncrasy credits
    • **if Ed and is wanted to get burgers but I wanted hot dogs, doing it every now and then wouldn't make them turn against me because we usually always agree
  15. Informational social influence is linked to...
    Private acceptance

    (sheriff-autokintiec lasers)
  16. Normative social influence is linked to...
    Public compliance

    ***asch study; we privately knew that was not the answer but yet we publicly agreed to it
  17. How long did the standard experiment last?
    6 days
  18. Why do we obey in normative social influence?
    It is difficult to say "NO"
  19. Why do we obey under informational social influence?
    Authorities are perceived to be experts
  20. What is minority influence?
    Case where a minority of group members influence the behavior or beliefs of the majority
  21. Minority influence) what is the key for minority influence to succeed?
  22. Minority influence) how can consistency help over turn the majority? (2)
    -people with minority views must express the same view over time

    -different members of the minority must agree with one another
  23. Summary in conformity: conformity can occur in ______ situations and in _____ ______ situations
    Ambiguous; clear cut
  24. Summary in conformity: people conform to be right (________) and to be like (________).
    Informational influence; normative influence
  25. Summary in conformity: people are more likely to conform when the group is ______ and _______
    Unanimous and important
  26. Obedience is lessened when individuals...(3)
    -are aware of th suffering they cause

    -feel personally responsible for their actions

    -observe others who disobey authority
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