Criminial Justice chpt 3

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Criminial Justice chpt 3
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Chapter 3 terms
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  1. Parens patriae
    Latin term meaning "father of his country." According to this legal philosophy, the goverment is the guardian of everyone who has a disability, especailly children, and has a legal duty to act in their best interests until they reach the age of majority.
  2. Poor Laws
    Seventeenth-century laws in England that bound out vagrants and abandoned children as indentured servants to masters.
  3. Child savers
    Late ninteenth-century reformers in America who developed programs for troubled youths and influenced legislation creating the juvenile justice system.
  4. Children's Aid Society
    A child-saving organization begun by Charles Loring Brace; it took children from the streets in large cities and placed them with farm familes on the prairie.
  5. Juvenile court
    A court that has original jurisdiction overs persons defined by statue as junveniles and alledged to be delinquents or status offenders.
  6. Detention
    The temporary care of a child alledged to be a delinquent or statue offender who requires secure cutody, pending court disposition.
  7. Waiver (juvenile)
    A practice in which the juvenile court waives its jurisdiction over a juvenile and transfers the case to adult criminal court for trial.
  8. Transfer hearing
    The hearing in which a deision is made to waive a juvenile to criminal court.
  9. Initial appearance
    A juvenile's first appearance before juvenile court judge, in which the charges are reviewed and an effort is madeto settle the case without a trail.
  10. Disposition
    For juvenile offenders, the equivalent of sentencing for adult offenders.
  11. Commitment
    Decision of judge ordering an adjudicated and sentenced juvenile offender to be placed in a correctional facility.
  12. Treatment
    The rehabilitative methods used to effect a change of behavior in the juvenile offender, in the form of therapy, or educational or vocational programs.