Chapter 10 glossary terms

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  1. Electricity
    • The movement flow of electrically charged particles.
    • (e.g. static electricity)
  2. Static charge (static
    When a object has a imbalance of electrons and protons, which makes the object with more electrons to be charged.
  3. Charging by friction
    Charging a object by rubbing it against another object which transfers electrons from one object to the other.
  4. Electrostatic series
    A list of materials that are arranged from the weakest hold on electrons to the strongest.
  5. Insulator
    • A insulator is an object that restricts/slows the flow of electrons through it more than conductors/semiconductors.
    • (e.g. rubber)
  6. Conductor
    A conductor is a object/material that easily lets electrons pass through it will little to no resistance.
  7. Semiconductor
    A semiconductor is a object/material that lets electrons pass through will more difficulty than a conductor but with less resistance than a insulator.
  8. Ground
    Used in some plugs to help the flow of electrons get to the ground,travelling through pipes and wires.
  9. Electroscope
    An electroscope is a machine used to measure the strength of a electric charge on a object.
  10. Charging by contact
    Charging by contact is when you charge a object through the contact of two objects one charging the other.
  11. Laws of electric charges
    • Unlike charges attract
    • Like charges repel each other.
  12. Electric field
    The field surrounding each charged particle.
  13. Induced charge separation
    The transfer of electrons where bot objects remain neutral,the objects do not directly touch.
  14. Ion
  15. Lightning rod
  16. Electrostatic precipitator
  17. Van de Graaff generator
  18. Radiation dosimeter
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