Music History Test 2 Monteverdi debate

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  1. Summarize the Monteverdi-Artusi controversy
    • Artusi, in his publication of On the Imperfections of Modern Music, criticized Monteverdi for his madrigal's (Cruda Amaralli) mistakes
    • Monteverdi responded that these errors were necessary in order to express the text.
  2. What composition sparked the discussion?
    • Monteverdi’s
    • Cruda Amaralli
  3. What are the key differences b/w the prima and
    seconda practica

    • prima - 
    • Harmony= commander
    • Prepared dissonances so as not to offend/surprise the ear
    • Perfection of melody

    • seconda - 
    • Harmony = commanded
    • Second to words use of 2nds, 4ths, tritons, 7ths, and large leaps to create more dramatic
    • expression of text.
    • More independent vocal parts
    • More movement in bass line
  4. What are the key differences b/w the prima andseconda practica 

    • prima - highly imitative 
    • seconda - Less imitative, music mimicked/depended on the emotion of text
  5. What are the key differences b/w the prima and seconda practica 

    text expression
    prima practica - text not as important as consonant music

    seconda practica - text expression = most important aspect of composition
  6. Who ultimately won the argument?
    • Monteverdi ultimately won the argument since the seconda practica compositional style gave way to more advanced styles of music
    • composition such as in the Baroque era.
    • However, composers of the Baroque era
    • refined some of Monteverdi’s techniques thus creating more complex music than
    • Artusi, but smoother resolutions than Monteverdi.
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