Music History Test 2 Humanism

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  1. Who were important individuals involved in Humanism?
    • Josquin de Prez, with his enormous contributions to Renaissance
    • music
    • Guillaume Dufay
    • Michelangelo
    • Copernicus
    • John Dunstaple
    • Leonardo da Vinci
    • St. Thomas More
    • Galileo
    • Martin Luther
    • Gutenberg
    • Martin Luther&Henry VIII - anglican church
  2. What were specific instances that shaped Humanism?
    • Writing names on compositions
    • Guillaume Du Fay composed an isorhythmic motet with intervals preeminent of the Renaissance Era. His motets exemplified the continental fauxbourdon and the addition for instrumentation to choral works. He composed a mass, L’Homme arme, based on the secular chant of the same name.
    • The incorporation of secular tunes into religious settings characterizes the budding of humanism throughout Western Europe.

    • Battle of Agincourt -battle celebrated w/ song that celebrated nationalism/political things
    • Protestant Reformation - individual>church
    • Fall of Constantinople - -religion +nationalism
    • The invention of the printing press1
  3. What is Humanism?
    The study of ancient text and monuments with the aim of extracting a model for thinking and acting.
  4. What did Humanists believe?
    • Humanists believed in the power of the individual
    • Creativity was much valued
    • Humanists desired a world of beauty, truth, and grace
    • Humanists studied music, art, and literature
    • with the objective of creating a more beautiful, upright population.
    • Humanists believed that people, not only God, had the ability to change the world and
    • fill it with truth and goodness.
  5. What was the relationship between Humanism and music?
    • use music to express text
    • Humanists believed music could influence emotions
    • They believed in the link between text and music
    • Melody lines started to highlight important
    • words, such as the name “Eugenius" in Guillaume Dufay's Nuper Rosarum Flores.
  6. Nuper Rosarum Flores
    • Written by Guillaume Dufay
    • Written for a Church occasion
    • Dufay put his name on the composition
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