Congress and its workings. Judicial Branch

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  1. Legislative Agenda
    list of proposals and ideas that reps think it would be worthwhile to act on
  2. 3 things/people influence the agenda
    • president
    • national event
    • members of congress
  3. policy entrepreneurship
    practice of legislature becoming experts and taking leadership roles in certain policy areas
  4. How a bill becomes a law (5steps)
    • 1. bill is introduced
    • 2. referred to standing committee for revision
    • 3. goes through both houses
    • 5. goes to President
  5. When a bill goes through the Senate
    • no limit on debate
    • cloture: 2/3 Senate vote to end debate
    • fillibuster:
    • voice vote: votes for trivial 
    • roll call: votes for major
  6. When a bill goes through the House
    Rules Committee makes additional changes and limits amendments and debate
  7. Types of Representation
    • 1. Policy
    • 2. Allocative
    • 3. Casework
    • 4. Symbolic
  8. Symbolic Representation
    effort by member of congress try to appear like they are a part of the voter community
  9. Casework Representation
    • "constituent services" 
    • congressmen solves their voters problems on an individual case by case basis. Increases voter support
  10. Allocative Representation
    congressional work that secures projects services, funds to one's district
  11. Policy Representation
    passing bills/laws to the interests/encourages ideologies
  12. reapportionment
    • occurs every 10 years
    • determined when state populations change
  13. redistricting
    redrawing district lines
  14. gerrymandering
    redrawing congressional maps to benefit a certain group
  15. How congressmen are elected
    • reapportionment
    • redistricting
    • gerrymandering
  16. 2 Institutions that Influence Lawmaking in Congress
    • majority party: determines leadership in Chamber of Congress
    • Party Polarization: greater ideology divide between parties, as one party
  17. Committees
    • "tables" bills
    • markup bills
  18. Type of Committees
    • standing
    • select
    • joint
    • cinference
  19. standing committees
    permanent, created by statute, carries over from one session of congress to the next
  20. select committees
    temporary, created by standing com. , if event occurs that is out of standing comm. jurisdiction
  21. joint committees
    has members of both House and State
  22. conference committees
    revises versions of House and Senate bills to make it a compromised bill
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