Chapter 13 - Legal and Ethical Issues

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  1. A research participant's protection in a study so that no one, not even the researcher, can link the subject with the information given
  2. An aspect of informed consent that pertains to protecting the rights of children as research subjects.
  3. An obligation to act to benefit others and to maximize possible benefits
  4. Assurance that a research participant's identity cannot be linked to the information that was provided to the researcher
  5. The theory or discipline dealing with principles of moral values and moral conduct.
  6. An ethical principle that requires a researcher to obtain the voluntary participation of subjects after informing them of potential benefits and risks.
    informed consent
  7. Board established in agencies to review biomedical and behavioral research involving human subjects within the agency or in programs sponsored by the agency
    institutional review board
  8. Human subjects should be treated fairly.
  9. People have the right to self-determination and to treatment as autonomous agents; that is, they have the freedom to participate or not participate in research.
    respect for persons
  10. The extent to which the benefits of the study are maximized and the risks are minimized such that the subjects are protected from harm during the study.
    risk-benefit ratio
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