Cell Biology 2 - Medically Relevant Viruses

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  1. What is the structure of the Virion?
    Naked and Enveloped?
  2. What is the replication cycle of a bacteriophage?
  3. How does adsorption and penetration by a bacteriophage work?
  4. How can a virus infect a cell?
    A virus can only infect a cell if it can interact with a specific receptor on its plasma membrane.

    The presence of receptors delimits the virus host range

    The receptor is a normal surface protein or lipid component of the host cell, often involved in cell-cell recognition and the immune system.

    Animal viruses enter by receptor-mediated endocytosis or by membrane fusion.
  5. How do viruses enter cells by receptor-meditated endocytosis?
  6. How do viruses enter by membrane fusion?
  7. What is the time course of events in T4 phage infection?
    What are early viral proteins and what are late viral proteins?
  8. How are viruses categorised?
  9. How do class 1 viruses replicate: ds DNA Genome?
    The host cell enzymes transcribe the viral DNA into mRNA and translate viral proteins.

    Virally-encoded DNA polymerase then replicates the viral genome

    Animal Viruses: Adenovirus Papillomavirus, Herpes Virus
  10. What type of virus is Adenovirus?
  11. What type of virus is Herpesvirus?
  12. How do Class IV viruses replicate? - ss plus strand RNA genome?
  13. What is poliovirus and how does it replicate?
  14. How do class V viruses replicate? ss minus strand RNA genome
  15. How is rabies virus replicated?
  16. What is influenza virus, and how does it replicate?
  17. How do Class VI viruses replicate? ss + RNA genome that replicates with a DNA intermediate
  18. What is the structure of a retrovirus?
  19. How does HIV-1 enter a cell and then replicate?
  20. What effects can animal viruses have on host cells?
  21. What should you think about when thinking about viral replication?
  22. How are viruses assembled once why have replicated?

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Cell Biology 2 - Medically Relevant Viruses
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Cell Biology Medically Relevant Viruses
Cell Biology 2 - Medically Relevant Viruses
Cell Biology 2 - Medically Relevant Viruses
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