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  1. What is the quantum theory

    how does an atom change its state
    Atoms can only exist in certain states characterized by definite amts of energy

    by the absorption of an amt of energy (xray)
  2. what are photons
    mass less unit of discrete energy traveling at speed of light
  3. What are nonionizing radiation
    what frequency are they
    • radiowaves
    • infrawaves
    • microwaves

    low freq
  4. what are the two ioninzing radiation
    what is their frequency
    • gamm and ultraviolet
    • high frequency
  5. the electric and magnetic fields are what pattern
    orthogonal (perpendicular to each other) and perp to the direction of the photon
  6. what is frequency
    the number of flips and oscilliation that occur in one second
  7. amplitude
    measures the waves strength
  8. a wavelength is from ____ to ____
    what is it
    • trough to trough
    • the physical distance in the direction of propagation over which the electric and magnetic fields of a photon make one complete oscillation
  9. who is the founder of quantum theory
    Max Planck
  10. what is the lowest electronic state
    Any other state greater than that is
    • ground state
    • excited state
  11. What is the first rule of the QT
    Atoms and molecules can only exists in certain states characterized by definite amts of energy
  12. what is the 2 QT
    when atoms or molecules absorb or emit light in moving from one energy state to another
  13. electromagnetic radiation
    discrete packets of energy which are called photons
  14. What is inversely related to wavelength
  15. what is the bohr model
    this model shows electrons circling the nucleus at different levels or orbital much like planets circling the sun
  16. what wave has the longest wavelength
  17. which wave has the shortest wavelength 
    gamma ultra violet or microwaves
    gamma waves
  18. In a vacuum 50 75 and 125 kv photons all have the same 
    frequency wavelength or velocity
  19. a digital image compsed of a series rows and columns is called a
  20. what is the term used to describe the speed of a digital imaging system is
    speed class
  21. the acutal matrix of the flat panel detector is composed of
  22. the brightness of a digital image is the equivalent of the term ____ used to describe the appearance of analog images
  23. what is line compensation
    it is required because of variations in supplied voltage
  24. what is rectification
    process by which ac is changed to pulsating dc and requires the use of one way electrical devices called rectifiers
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