Paint Sheens

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  1. Sheen rule of thumb regarding washability
    As sheen increases, so does washability and the ability to see imperfections.
  2. High Gloss
    Equal to or Greater than 85% sheen.

    • Every surface imperfection will be highlighted.
    • Expert preparation of the surface is required.
    • Quality of Prep work is judged by the perfection of reflection in the surface.
  3. Gloss Paint
    75% - 85% Sheen

    • Surface Imperfections will be visible.
    • Expert preparation of surface
    • Often used on imperfect walls in utility areas where washability is more important than appearance.
  4. Semigloss paint
    40% - 75% sheen

    • A little less shiny, a little less washable.
    • less of a need for a perfect surface.
    • specified more often than a gloss paint.
    • Frequently used on millwork trim and as accent areas.
  5. Satin
    25% - 40% sheen

    • soft sheen
    • can be cleaned with a soft cloth and a mild soap.
  6. Eggshell
    10% - 25% sheen

    • close to satin sheen
    • still washable
  7. Matte
    5% - 10% sheen

    • Good at hiding imperfections
    • affords some washability but not rigorous.
    • also referred to as "velvet" or 'suede" finish.
  8. Flat
    less that 5% sheen

    • not washable, touch-up only
    • hides more imperfections than other sheens
    • touches up easily.
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