social studies (five themes of geography)

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  1. Lines of latitude and longitude are measured in what?
  2. What is arguably the most important line of longitud?
    Prime Meridian
  3. What are lines of latitude also known as?
  4. Who studies geography?
  5. Which theme deals with humans and their interaction with the environment?
    Human Environment-interaction
  6. Which theme deals with where something is?
  7. Why is the study of movement useful to geographers?
    It helps them understand the relationship among places.
  8. Which theme deals with how or why something or someone gets from one place to another?
  9. What is arguably the most important line of latitude?
  10. Define the term "hemispere" in four words or less.
    Half of the earth
  11. Name the two types of location used by geographers.
    Absolute location and relative location
  12. which theme deals with specific human and physical characteristics?
  13. What are Earth's low latitudes also known as?
  14. what do lines of latitude and longitude help geographers to identify?
    Absolut location
  15. What are the two types of boundaries that define a region?
    Political boundaries and physical boundaries
  16. What are Earth's middle latitudes also known as?
    Tempature zones
  17. Which of the following would geographers be most likely to study: the moon,chemical reactions,or landforms?
  18. Name the three categories of human environment interaction.
    Adaption,Modification,and dependence
  19. Which theme deals with comparisons between areas with unifying characteristic?
  20. Please define the term "environment".
    "All of the surroundings and conditions that affect living things such as water soil and air"
  21. What are Earth's high latitudes also known as?
    Polar zones
  22. What is geography?
    Geography is the study of the Earth's surface and the processes that shape it
  23. Name the two lines of latitude that form the northern and southern borders of the tropics.
    Tropic of cancer and the Tropic of capricorn
  24. What are the two questions that guide
    geographers in their work?
    • Where are things located?
    • Why are they there?
  25. How do the five themes of geography help you understand the world?
    The five themes of geography are used to organize the information geographers gather about an area
  26. What are the four hemispheres of the Earth?

    *all must be said correctly*
    Northern,Southern,Eastern, and Western
  27. Name the five themes of geography.
    Location,Place,Region,Movement, and Human environment interaction
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