Variation and Residuals

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  1. What are data?
    The recorded set of observation from a scientific investigation
  2. What is the name given to a single point of data?
    A datum
  3. What are statistics?
    Summary descriptions of data and a set of methods underlying the gathering of data and their interpretation
  4. What are models?
    • Formal statements of regularities in data
    • Used to explain and predict 
    • Do not always prove causation
  5. What is a model?
    • A rule used to account for data
    • The appropriateness of the model lies in its capacity to reproduce (or “account for”) the variability in the data
  6. What is noise?
    Data that lies outside the predictions made by the model
  7. What are residuals?
    • The discrepancy between a data value and the model’s prediction
    • They are the manifestations of unaccounted for or unexplained variability
  8. What is the best way to minimise residuals?
    By taking a mean or average rating
  9. Other than stats, what else is required in order for differences in data sets?
    Additional information such as contextual factors?
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