C NMR (Carbon NMR)

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  1. C NMR:
    What do you find in the 5 - 30 ppm region?
    • Alkane Carbons attached to just H's or other carbons
    • (thus the low chemical shift.. boring!)
  2. C NMR:
    What do you find in the 30 - 80 ppm region?
    • N/O/X Carbons
    • (Carbons attached to either a Nitrogen, Oxygen, or a Halogen)
  3. C NMR:
    What do you find in the 100 - 140 ppm region?
    • C NMR, 100 - 140 region:
    • Alkene Carbons
    • (Carbons double-bonded to another Carbon)

    • Note: if both Carbons are equivalent (have same substituents otherwise, e.g. 2 H's) then the Carbons would appear the exact same!
    • (i.e. if the Alkene is the point of symmetry)
  4. C NMR:
    What do you find in the 120 - 150 ppm region?
    • C NMR, 120 - 150 ppm region
    • Aromatic Carbons

    (note: is shifted an offset slightly higher than regular Alkene Carbons [which are 100-140] simply because with these Carbons, there areĀ more total Alkene carbons)
  5. C NMR:
    What do you find in the 160 - 220 ppm region?
    • Carbonyl Carbons
    • (i.e. Carbons double-bonded to an Oxygen)
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