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  1. List the belts in order of their number, color, then their Korean number in order one through 9
    • White,Il,one; Yellow,Ee,two; Gold,Sam,three; Orange,SA,four;green,Ou,five;blue,yuk,six;
    • purple,chil,seven;red,pal,eight;brown,goo,nine
  2. List the Korean belts (these are numbers) in the order of the belt color
    • Il - white - one
    • Ee - yellow - two
    • Sam - gold - three
    • SA - orange - four
    • Ou - green - five
    • Yuk - blue - six
    • Chil - purple - seven
    • Pal - red - eight
    • Gou - brown - nine
  3. Say hello in Korean
    An Yong Hashimnika
  4. Say goodbye in Korean
    An Yong Hi Ka Sip Seyo
  5. Say thank you very much in Korean
    Da don Hi kumopsmnida
  6. Say the gold belt senior highest kick in Korean
    dwi bal hullya chagie - rear leg swing kick
  7. What is rear leg front kick in Korean?
    dwi bal op chagi
  8. What is rear leg side kick in Korean?
    dwi bal yup chagi
  9. What is front leg side kick in Korean?
    op bal yup chagi
  10. Name the gold belt senior in Korean
    geom sung sam jung
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