Normal Breast

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  1. Where is most of the ductal and glandular tissue of the breast?
  2. What is the breast anatomy?
    • So the breast is a mixture of epithelial glandular tissue and fibroadipose stroma that is divided into lobes that radiate out from the nipple and each lobe has 20-40 lobules.
    • Each lobe thaw a branching lactifeoruos ducts that opens into its own lactiferous sinus that opens in the nipple.
  3. what is the 1st lymph nose that an area of breast drains to? why is this significant
    sentinel node and this is significant because it is the1st node that the cancer will have likely spread so it is a good way to determine if the cancer has met
  4. What is the functional unit of the breast?
  5. Branching ducts --> ___ --> ___
    terminal ducts--> terminal suct lobar units
  6. What separates the TDLU?
  7. What separates the acini of the breast?
  8. What is in the interlobular stroma?
    lymph, macrophages and plasma cells
  9. what is the lumen of the interlobular ducts and acini lined with
    cuboidal luminal epithelial cells
  10. What 2 cell types rest on the basement membrane of the acini?
    myoepithelial cells (basal cells) and the ductal epithelial cells.
  11. How do we get breast development?
    ovaries secrete estrogen which stimulates accumulation of adipose tissue and hypertrophy of TDLU
  12. What changes are seen in a milk producing breast?
    hyperplasia and hypertrophy of acinar cells.
  13. What does estrogen cause in the developed breast?
    TDLU respond and undergo marked hypertrophy of and hyperplasia to the developed breast. If estrogen is withdrawn, then the is leads to glandular cell atrophy and apoptosis.
  14. What gives rise to fibroadenomas in the breast?
    intralobular stroma
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