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  1. Spinal Cord Compression
    Result of tumor compressing spinal cord.

    ◦S/S: determined by location. The higher the compression the more nerves affected. Pain located over site of compression (can have bowel or bladder incontinence, increase sensation, neurological deficits, motor and sensory deficits.
  2. SIADH
    ◦syndrome of inappropriate antidiuretic hormone secreted by tumors. Causes increase extracellular fluid volume, H20 intoxication, increase excretion of Na by kidneys.
  3. Bence Jones proteins in Multiple Myeloma
    ⇒Another type of myeloma is light chain myeloma

    ⇒This type of protein is found primarily in the urine rather than the blood. —

    ⇒Bence Jones proteins may deposit in the kidney and clog the renal tubules.
  4. MGUS
    •Benign condition where abnormal plasmacells manufacture M proteins.

    •Patient has no symptoms.

    •Pt will have blood studies every 1-2years to monitor for increase of M proteins.

    **May or may not develop into Multiple Myeloma**
  5. M Protein in Multiple Myeloma
    ⇒A non-functional immunoglobulin.

    ⇒Secretes substance that stimulates osteoclasts.

    ⇒can also secrete a substance that stimulates growth of new blood vessels.

    ⇒build up in big bones and small amount inblood.

    ⇒M protein builds up in blood and organs. Can be secreted in small amounts in urine.

    ⇒Forms tumors

    ⇒M protein builds up they crowd out normal functioning immunoglobulins.

    ⇒High level of M protein in the blood increase levels of serum protein.
  6. Multiple Myeloma
    ⇛A malignant disease of plasma cells production of immunoglobulins which are necessary in fighting infection.

    ⇛multiple myeloma is abnormal IgG (a immunoglobulin), which accounts for about 60% to 70% of all cases. Abnormal IgA accounts for about 20% of cases.
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