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  1. What is behavior in a performance horse a result of?
    Hereditary and environmental influences
  2. How many teeth does a young horse have?
  3. Which term refers to grips on the heels and toe of the front shoes designed to give the horse better footing and prevent slipping?
  4. What is codominance
    • The type of gene action that causes the phenotype of the heterozygote to be
    • intermediate between those of either homozygote.
  5. A properly fitting stirrup iron should allow how much room on each side of the
    ball of the foot when placed in the stirrup?

    1/4 inch
  6. What kind of vision does the horse use to judge distance?
    Binocular vision
  7. Name a lateral gait.
  8. What is swelling at the elbow called?
    Capped elbow or shoe boil
  9. How ling is the estrous cycle of the mare?
    21-23 days
  10. Why is it beneficial to use a copper mouthpiece in a horse?
    increases salivation
  11. What is the name of a canvas used to cover or wrap a pack load?
  12. Name the artery that carries oxygen poor blood from the heart to the lungs.
    Pulmonary artery
  13. What is the predisposing cause of most colics?
  14. What vitamin does sunlight and sun-cured hay provide?
    Vitamin D
  15. What portion of the hoof should never bear weight?
  16. What are the 3 classifications of bits?
    Hackamore bit, snaffle bit, curb
  17. How many bones compose the forearm of the horse?
  18. A mule is a cross between what?
    A jack and a mare (a horse and an ass)
  19. What four parts of the digestive tract make up the foregut?
    Mouth, esophagus, stomach, and small intestine
  20. What is another name for the knee bones?
    Carpals (carpus bones)
  21. Give 2 causes for contracted heels.
    Lack of absorption in the quarters and digital cushion, narrow heels and frog, improper shoeing or trimming
  22. What is the ideal slope of the shoulder?
    45-50 degreees
  23. What does TDN stand for?
    Total Digestible Nutrients
  24. What breed of horses resides at the Vienna Spanish Riding School?
  25. What is the reservoir for lung worms?
  26. What breed cannot be taller than 34 inches at the withers to be registered?
    American Miniature Horse
  27. Describe base-wide conformation.
    The horse's feet are wider at the ground that at their origin at the chest.
  28. Name the disease caused by a neurotropic rhabdovirus that is transmitted to horses, people, and other animals usually from the bite of an infected animal.
  29. How many bones does the horse have?
  30. Name 2 variations of the trot.
    Extended trot, jog, collected trot, pleasure trot, road trot, jog trot
  31. What causes blind staggers?
    Moldy corn poisoning
  32. What disease has a geographic association with a particular River?
    Potomac Horse Fever
  33. What is the color of Albino horses?
  34. Name the 4 components of the horse's topline?
    Whithers, back, loin, croup
  35. What is the term for the point of the frog towards the toe?
  36. Bran is deficient in what mineral?
  37. Name 6 grass hays.
    Timothy, brome, orchardgrass, bermudagrass, bluegrass, bluegamma, bluestem, fescue, wheatgrass, reed canarygrass, ryegrass, sudangrass, and others
  38. Bran has a high level of this and can be harmful if not adequately balanced with calcium.
  39. What is the preferred plant-source protein supplement for the growing horse?
    Soybean meal
  40. What is another name for the grain Sorghum?
  41. Name three of the Draft breeds of horses.
    Percheron, Belgian, Clydesdale, Shrine, Suffolk, American Cream
  42. Why is corn considered a hot feed?
    It has a high energy content.
  43. What is the common name for the disease that is prevented by dipping the newborn foal's navel stump in iodine?
    Navel ill or joint ill
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