Chapter 33 Rad Protection

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  1. To produce a radiation response in humans within a few days to months, this is called ....
    early effect of radiation exposure
  2. The sequence of events that follow high-level radiation exposure leading to death within days or weeks is called the
    acute radiation syndrome.
  3. What are the 3 The sequence of events that follow high-level radiation exposure leading to death within days or weeks
    • hematologic death,
    • gastrointestinal (GI) death, and
    • central nervous system (CNS) death.
  4. CNS death requires radiation doses in excess of ____ Gyt (____ rad) and results in death within hours
    • 50
    • 5000
  5. What Syndrome results in death within hours
  6. consists of acute clinical symptoms that occur within hours of exposure and continue for up to a day or two is called
    The prodromal period
  7. After the prodromal period has ended, there may be____ period, during which the subject is free of visible effects.
  8. what is the Atomic site and threshold for Hematologic
    • Atomic Site=  Whole body
    • Threshold= 250 mGyt (25 rad)
  9. what is the Atomic site and threshold for Skin erythema
    • Atomic Site= Small field
    • Threshold= 2 Gyt (200 rad)
  10. what is the Atomic site and threshold for Epilation
    • Threshold= 3 Gyt (300 rad)
    • Atomic site= small field
  11.  death is due to bone
    marrow destruction is called
    1- Gastrointestinal
    2- Hematologic 
    3- Central Nervous
  12. death is due to destruction of villa (intestinal cells) / uncontrolled passage of fluids across intestinal membrane and unable to absorb nutrients is called 
    1- Hematologic
    2- Central Nevous
    3- Gastrointestial
    3- Gastrointestinal 
  13. death is due to massive intra-cranial pressure is called
    1- Gastrointestinal
    2- Central nervous 
    3- Hematologic
    2- Central nervous - 
  14. At radiation doses above approximately ___ Gyt (___ rad) delivered to the total body, signs and symptoms of radiation sickness may appear within minutes to hours.
    • 1
    • 100
  15.  The symptoms of early radiation sickness most often take the form of ____, ______, ____, and a reduction in the white blood cells of the peripheral blood (leukopenia)
    • nausea
    • vomiting
    • diarrhea
  16. The LD50/60 is the dose of radiation to the whole body that causes ___% of irradiated subjects to die within ___ days.
    • 50%
    • 60 
  17. As the whole-body radiation dose increases, the average time between exposure and death decreases. This time is known as the _______
    mean survival time
  18. _________ IS THE TIME BETWEEN  radiation exposure and death
    Mean survival time
  19. skin damage seen as (a sunburn-like reddening of the skin) 
  20.  (ulceration and denudation of the skin), which often required interruption of treatment.
  21. Erythema
    follows a _______, threshold dose response relationship
  22. Temporary
    sterility may result for as long as _____months when the testes receive a
    radiation dose of 2 Gy (200 rad). 
  23. ______ will most likely result from a radiation dose of 5 or 6 Gy (500 or
    600 rad) to the testes.
    Permanent sterility
  24. A
    single radiation exposure of 2 Gy (200 rad) to the ovaries usually results in
    temporary sterility of the female, whereas a dose of 5 to 6 Gy (500 to 600 rad)
    will result in permanent sterility.”
    true or false
  25. The
    _____ and the spermatogonia are the most radiosensitive cells in the body
  26. ________
    are less sensitive than the other blood cells, apparently because of their very
    long lifetime in the peripheral blood.
  27. Radiation-induced
    chromosome aberrations follow a_____ dose-response relationship
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