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  1. 1) write sth again in a better or more complete way 2) write sth on a document so that it can be used (a cheque or a prescription)
    write (sth) out / write out (sth)
  2. write something in order not to forget it (words or numbers)
    note down
  3. quickly write down sth on a piece of paper
    scribble down
  4. quickly write sth on a piece of paper so that you remember it
    jot down
  5. write all the necessary information on an official document (a ticket, an application or a cheque)
    make out
  6. read small parts of a book or an article
    dip into
  7. read a lot about a particular subject in order to learn about it
    read up on
  8. read aloud
    read out
  9. turn a page so that you can see the other side
    turn over
  10. write all the necessary information on an official document (a form)
    fill in/out
  11. remove
    cut sth out
  12. describe briefly the main points
    sum up
  13. give all the details or explain clearly, esp.in writing
    set sth out
  14. appear
    crop up
  15. make it less critical or offensive
    tone sth down
  16. mention briefly
    touch on/upon
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Unit 44 of Phrasal Verbs in Use (McCarthy and O'Dell)
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