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  1. Carpet
    Usually defined as wall to wall and is fastened down.
  2. Functions of Soft flooring
    Acoustics, Aesthetics, Comfort, Thermal Insulations, Safety, Atmosphere
  3. Criteria for Selecting Carpet
    Residential: Color, Cost, Comfort

    Commercial: Durability, Traffic, Cost, Maintenance
  4. Wool Fiber
    Advantages: high resiliency, soft, dyeable, naturally fire resistant, beautiful, wears well.

    Disadvantages: moths, fuzzes, very expensive, easily stained.
  5. Silk
    Advantages: Soft, Naturally Stain resistant

    Disadvantages: degrades in sunlight, expensive
  6. Cotton
    Rarely used in carpet; more often found in throw rugs (think bathrooms)
  7. Nylon
    Advantages: excellent resilience. resistance to abrasion, mildew and fading. minimal fuzzing, moderate cost.

    Disadvantages: melted by strong acids, easily stained, bleached out by chlorine bleach, static electricity.

    Is the most popular carpet fiber sold in US.
  8. Olfin (Polypropylene)
    Advantages: Strong, lightweight, inexpensive, durable

    Disadvantages: poor resilience, not soft.

    Used in indoor/outdoor carpet and in Berber carpets.
  9. Acrylic
    Advantages: Soft, resilient

    Disadvantages: low abrasion resistance
  10. Polyester
    Advantages: inherently stain resistant

    Disadvantages: poor resilience, attracts oily soils
  11. Five primary fibers used in carpet today?
    Wool, Nylon, Polypropylene (Olefin), Polyester and Acrylic
  12. Common Trade Names for Fibers
    Anso IV (soil repellant)

    Antron III (anti-static)

    Ultron Z (soil-hiding)

    X-Static (anti-static)

    Chromell SD Nylon (anti-static)

    Stainmaster Tactesse BCF Nylon
  13. BCF
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