Homeostasis and Feedback Loops

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  1. Define homeostasis.
    Homeostasis means that the internal environment remains within normal limits or values, regardless of the conditions in the external environment.
  2. Define a negative feedback.
    A negative feedback is self regulating system based in a sensing device that can detect a specific condition. When that condition is met it triggers an event to occur. The negative feedback loop is trying to inhibit the original stimulus.
  3. List three specific examples of homeostasis in the human body.
    • Body temperature averages around 37 degrees Celsius  (98.6 degrees Fahrenheit)
    • The ph of blood is always near 7.4
    • The blood glucose concentration remains at about 100 mg/100 ml
  4. Define a positive feedback loop.
    A positive feedback loop brings about even greater change in the same direction. A positive feedback loop deals with intermittent events. Unlike homeostasis it is not designed to maintain the status quo. It is designed to support a specific outcome and continues until that outcome is met.
  5. List three specific examples of positive feedback in the human body
    • Blood clotting
    • Childbirth
    • Stomach's digestion of protein
  6. How is homeostasis achieved in the human body?
    Homeostasis is controlled by the nervous and endocrine systems through control by negative feedback. Negative feedback controls day to day maintenance and homeostasis.

    Homeostasis is the maintenance of a constant state regardless of changes in the internal condition. Positive feedback reinforces an effect until an external factor stops the reinforcement. Positive feedback returns the body to homeostasis in situations like blood clotting and childbirth but only as a result of an external factor but in the case of fever it can actually result in death which is not homeostasis. Positive feedback is used to deal with intermittent events that occur in a cell or organism whereas negative feedback deals with the continual maintenance of homeostasis.
  7. What are the components for a negative feedback loop
    Stimulus, receptor, regulator center, effector, response, cancels the stimuls
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