Midterm Questions Chapter 25

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  1. Fascism
    Benito Mussolini. Italian leader of fascism. Threatened imperial expansion
  2. National Socialist/Nazi Party - Germany
    • Adolf Hitler - Leader
    • Believed Aryan (White) master race
    • hated Jews - anti semitism
  3. China leader who tried to expand power in Manchuria and caused Japan to invade China in 1931
    Chiang Kai-shek
  4. US president before 1933
    Herbert Hoover
  5. Elected president 1933
    Franklin Roosevelt
  6. No country has right to intervene in internal or external affairs of another
    Good Neighbor policy
  7. policy that america would not get involved in other countries wars or problems
  8. belligerent countries could only buy non military goods from the US and had to take them away on their own ships
    cash and carry policy
  9. roots of isolationism
    • old wilsonian disillusioned with League of Nations inablity to stop Japans aggresion in asia
    • people believed powerful business like wall street had tricked us into world war 1 for profit
  10. 1935 law that doesnt allow us to sell arms to both victims and aggresors in wartime
    Neutrality act
  11. What is "Lebensraum"
    Living space. Hitler's idea of taking over other countries for Germany and for his white aryan race
  12. September 29 1936 Hitler meets with France and Great Britain in Munich and says Czechoslovakia will be last territory he will claim
    Munich Conference
  13. Russian Leader
    Joseph Stalin
  14. Joseph Stalin thinking he has no protection from West signs pact with Hitler that he won't attack Germany
    non aggression pact 1939
  15. Germany, Japan and Italy. Countries that fought against west during WW2
  16. Due to Japan's continuous attack on China, in 1941 Roosevelt freezes all Japanese assests in US and severely limits Japan from purchasing supplies from US including oil. Japan had to choose to repair US relations or get supplies somewhere else. Due to this Japan attacked Pearl Harbor in Hawaii
    embargo on Japan
  17. Happened 7:55 Dec 7 1941
    Japan attacks USA at Pearl Harbor Hawaii
  18. 1935 - embargo of trading arms and war materials with all parties of war
    1936 - forbid all loans and credit to aggresors of war
    1937 - US ships cant transport any passengers or goods to war aggressors (belligerants)
    1939 - allowed cash and carry. Nations had to purchase and transport their own goods
    neutrality acts
  19. allowed US to not only sell but lend or lease arms to any nation vital to america defense. nation would have to pay back after war
    Lend Lease
  20. German conquests WW2
    • poland
    • denmark
    • norway
    • netherlands
    • belgium
    • luxemabourg
    • france
    • greece
    • yugoslavia
  21. Japan conquests
    • phillipines
    • java
    • netherlands indies
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