N315 Exam 2 (2)

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  1. Type of dementia that is more of a rapid onset; risk factors are smoking, HTN, hyperlipidemia, inactivity, h/o stroke or heart disease.
    Vascular dementia
  2. Type of dementia that is more behavioral than cognitive in early stage; 
    impariments in abstract thinking, speech, language (rather than memory)
  3. Type of dementia in which there is fast decomp with a medical condition & is often misdiagnosed as other forms.
    Lewy Body
  4. Nocturnal Myoclonus is associated with ?
    TCAs & Chronic RF
  5. Defect in CNS that affects the diaphragm (sleep DO)
    Central Sleep apnea
  6. Type of sleep apnea usually accompanied by snoring.
  7. Localized, throbbing or aching pain in bone and soft tissues.
    somatic pain
  8. Generalized or referred pain; deep or aching
  9. Type of pain that is sharb, stabbing, tingling, or burning & has a sudden high intensity onset.
  10. The 6th leading cause of death for older adults.
  11. Those with ____ or _____ are at high risk for hypERthermia.
    • DM
    • cerebral atherosclerosis
  12. ____ & _____ can INCREASE drug absorption.
    • DM 
    • hypOkalemia
  13. ____ & ______ will SLOW drug absorption.
    • pain
    • mucosal edema
  14. Decreased CO can _____ plasma levels of drugs.
  15. Four things that decrease metabolism of drugs (higher toxicity)
    • dehydration
    • hyperthermia
    • immobility
    • liver disease
  16. Why more susceptible to dehydration & overhydration?
    decreased cardiac & renal fxn
  17. Signs of circulatory overload
    • elevated BP
    • increased RR
    • coughing
    • SOB
    • pulmonary edema
  18. What to monitor in pts with poss circulatory overload?
    • I/O
    • body wt
    • specific gravity
  19. Initial treatment for osteoarthritis.
    • acetaminophen
    • (don't exceed 4,000mg daily, can cause irreversible hepatic necrosis)
  20. _____ can cause false BGL results.
  21. What type of drug use causes an increased risk of urinary retention?
  22. Salicylate toxicity signs
    • dizziness, confusion
    • vomiting
    • tinnitus, hearing loss
    • sweating, fever
    • burning in mouth & throat
    • convulsions & coma
  23. Chronic use of mineral oil can deplete what?
    fat-soluble vitamins
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