Multi Cult 2

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  1. What was the Outcome of the Infusion of Culture
    Stereotyping and Assimilation (Moved away from Values to Assimilate to Dominant culture)
  2. What is Cultural Compatability?
    The Assessment and treatments of clients were enhanced when cultural differences were minimized
  3. What are the 5 stages of William Cross's Model?
    • Stage 1: Pre-encounter, African Americans were socialized to accept Dominant Culture. Dominant Culture was superior to native culture
    • Stage 2: Encounter, Rethinking of aspiring to be part of Dominant Culture
    • Stage 3: Immersion-Emersion, Seperate from identifying with Dom. Cult. and accepts native culture
    • Stage 4: Internalization, Secure about Blackness, no longer anti-white
    • Stage 5: Committed, over a long period of time a commitment to native culture.
  4. What are the 2 contributions of Racial Identity?
    • 1. Seeing Race and Culture as Dynamic Constructs
    • 2. Expansion of Multiculturalism
  5. What is importnant to remember when identifying your own perspective?
    It will have its own stregths and weaknesses. How will the weaknesses impact the client. We are more comfortable chosing a more politically correct perspective.
  6. What are the Emotional Consequences of Diversity?
    Difficult dialogue on topics such as racism, sexism, classism, homophobia and privledge
  7. Socialpolitical Nature of Counceling
    Asks what is normal? what is valued? Does culture justify certain practices?
  8. What is cultural competence?
    It reduces disparities by having knowledge of common cultures.
  9. What are the 4 historical periods of Native Americans?
    • 1. Precontact
    • 2. Manifest Destiny
    • 3. Assimilation
    • 4. Self-Determination
  10. What is the precontact period?
    • Prior to 1492
    • Rules and beliefs were determined
    • Symbiotic relationship between tribe, individual and nature
  11. what is the manifest destiny period?
    • 1492-1890
    • Introduction to Diseases
    • Massive number of deaths
    • Destruction of Culture
    • Taking of land
  12. What is the Assimilation period?
    • 1890-1970
    • Give up culture and assimilate into Dominant Culture
    • Gained Voting rights, moved into urban areas, Indian Recognition Acts
  13. Indian Recognition Acts
    • Hired Apples, Red on outside White on inside
    • Sacrifice interest of the masses in exchange for favors from the Govt.
  14. Guidelines for working with Native Americans
    • Assess level of Assimilation, ask about family, tribe religion
    • Mental Health is a connection between mind body and spirit
    • Do not take notes
    • Consult with Medicine man or woman
    • Behavior and cognitive techniques recommended
    • Be willing to serve as an advocate
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