ART 160 Exam 1

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  1. What was the original name of the Parthenon?
    The Temple of Athena Parthenos
  2. Architects of the Parthenon
    • Ictinus
    • Callicrates
  3. What was the Parthenon made of?
  4. Characteristics of Gothic architecture
    • Points
    • Flying buttresses
    • Buildings have a huge grandness about them
    • Massive stained glass windows
  5. Characteristics of Renaissance Art
    • balanced with the main point of interest in the center
    • implied triangle in the center
    • very calm
    • move back in parallel planes with the bottom of the work of art
  6. Characteristics of the Baroque Period
    • dramatic light and shade
    • turbulent compositions
    • exaggerated emotional expressions
  7. Characteristics of Surrealism
    • dreamlike or subconscious images
    • compositions painted very realistically about unrealistic objects
  8. What is plein-air
    painting outside on location
  9. Characteristics of Romanticism
    • 18th and 19th century in Europe
    • Intense emotional excitement
    • Depiction of powerful forces in nature
    • Exotic lifestyles, danger, suffering and nostalgia
    • Spontaneity and emotion rather than carefully organized and rational approaches
  10. Characteristics of Impressionism
    • Primarily done in the last three decades of the 19th century
    • Mostly French artists that opposed the doctrines of the academics and their Romantic ideals
    • Painted scenes of contemporary life
  11. Characteristics of Social Realism
    • Huge, overly dramatic canvases or sculpture
    • Heroic/ inspirational themes
    • Realist images
    • Radical innovations of modern art were shunned because they were thought to be degenerate
    • Artwork officially sponsored by the government
  12. What is naïve art?
    art made by self-taught artist who is trying to work in the academic manor.
  13. Horror vacui
    literally means the fear of nothingness, the artist has fear of leaving empty space on the canvas.
  14. Characteristics of Cubism
    • Use of multiple vantage points
    • Breaking subject matter down into basic geometric shapes
    • reorganization of shapes that flattens space so that the background merges with the foreground
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