Things I didn't know from the review. NCLEX V2

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  1. What's the best way to assess hydration status?
    daily weights.
  2. First thing you see with circulatory overload?
    Change in respirations.
  3. You have resistance in a lumen catheter. What do you do?
    Cap it off and notify MD.
  4. Where do you stand when helping a pt use a cane?
    Behind on their strong side.
  5. When you see a spina bifida, why does the baby have to be confined to a wheelchair for the rest of it's life?
    Nothing can repair the nerves that are already damaged from the spina bifida.
  6. If you have fatigue and dark urine, you might have a problem with?
    liver. (chronic fatigue is a sign)
  7. If you have malaise and glucosuria, you might have a problem with what organ?
    pancreas (glucose = pancreas)
  8. If you have a problem with proteinuria and lethargy, you might have a problem with what organ?
    kidneys (thing protein in urine)
  9. If the elderly had to choose, what is better for them: protein or vitamins?
    protein. slows aging.
  10. What does elevating the HOB to semi fowlers do for a person that came back from surgery?
    takes stress off suture line. (maybe they're not lying down stretching their whole body)
  11. What position is needed for someone in Buck's traction?
    semi fowlers. Supine can increase problems with immobility.
  12. What takes priority after surgery? Infection or electrolytes?
    electrolytes imbalance. (think hemorrhage and shock.)
  13. Incompatibility seen in Rh - or + women?
  14. Anticholinergic SE are pretty serious. No pee is pretty serious.
  15. Why would you put the baby on the women's breast to help with a relaxed fundus?
    it naturally helps the mother release oxytocin.
  16. Flu like sx plus enlarged lymphs is what? And how does it spread?
    mono. direct contact. So don't dhare silverware. Don't have to worry about airborne precautions.
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