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  1. This muscle raises the eyebrows and draws the scalp forward
    frontal belly of the epicranius
  2. what is the action of the occipital belly of the epicranius 
    pulls scalp posteriorly, fixes the galea aponeurotica
  3. What is the action of the frontal belly of the epicranius 
    • raises eyebrows
    • draws scalp forward
  4. What is the action of the zygomaticus major
    draws lateral corners of mouth outward and upward
  5. What is the action of the orbicular is oris?
    • closes lips
    • protrudes lips
  6. what is the action of the buccinator?
    • compresses cheeks
    • holds food between the teeth
  7. what is the action of the temporalis
    • elevates mandible
    • retracts mandible
    • assists in side-to-side mandible movement
  8. What is the origin of the masseter
    O: zygomatic arch and maxilla
  9. What is the insertion of the masseter?
    I: angle and rams of mandible
  10. What is the action of the masseter?
    elevates mandible
  11. I: sternocleidomastoid
    mastoid process of temporal bone
  12. O: sternocleidomastoid
    manubrium and clavicle
  13. A: sternocleidomastoid
    • each alone rotates the face toward the opposite side
    • both together flex the head
  14. A: external intercostals
    A: elevates the ribs for inspiration
  15. A: Internal intercostals
    • depresses ribs for forced expiration 
    • not needed for passive expiration
  16. A: diaphragm
    • flattens the floor of the thoracic cavity 
    • causes inspiration of air
    • compresses abdominal organs
  17. A: rectus abdominis
    • flexes and rotates lumbar vertebral column
    • compresses abdomen to aid in expulsive movements
  18. O: rectus abdominis
    O: pubis
  19. I: rectus abdominis
    • I: costal cartilages 5-7
    • xiphoid process of the sternum
  20. A: external oblique
    • when contracted simultaneously, flex lumbar vertebral column, compress abdomen, aide in expulsive movements
    • acting individually, each muscles causes lateral flexion of vertebral column, rotation of trunk toward opposite side
  21. A: internal oblique
    same actions as external oblique except rotation of the trunk is to the same side.
  22. A: transversus abdominis
    • compresses abdomen
    • increases intra-abdominal pressure
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