Lesson 1 - Method Callan (com figuras)

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  1. pencil
  2. pen
  3. book
  4. a
    uma / um
  5. what is (what's)
    o que é
  6. isto
  7. it is (it's)
    isto é
  8. What’s this?

    It’s a pen
  9. table
  10. chair
  11. light
  12. wall
  13. floor
  14. room
  15. ceiling
  16. window
  17. door
  18. box
  19. picture
  20. is this?
    isto é?
  21. Sim
  22. Is this a pen?
    Yes, it’s a pen.
  23. no, it is not (isn't)
    não, isto não é
  24. Is this a pen?
    No, it isn't a pen; it's a pencil
  25. Is this a pencil?
    No, it isn't a pencil; it's a book
  26. long
  27. short
  28. the
    o, a
  29. contraction
  30. Is the pen shot?
    No, the pen isn't short; it's long
  31. Is the pencil long?
    No, the pencil isn't long; it's short
  32. Is the room short?
    No, the room isn't short; it's long
  33. large
  34. small
  35. Is the table small?
    No, the table isn't small; it's large
  36. Is the box large?
    No, the box isn't large; it's small.
  37. city
  38. town
  39. Village
  40. Is London a village?
    No, London isn't a village; it's a city
  41. Is Windsor a city?
    No, it isn't a city; it's a town
  42. Is Grantchester a town?
    No, Grantchester isn't a town; it's a village
  43. or
  44. Is the table long or short?
    The table's long.
  45. Is a city large or small?
    A city's large
  46. man
  47. Woman
  48. boy
  49. girl
  50. What's this?
    It’s a man. It’s a woman. It’s a boy. It’s a girl.
  51. Is thia a girl?
    No, it isn't a girl; it's a man
  52. Is this a man?
    No, it isn't a man; it's a woman
  53. Is thias a woman?
    No, it isn't a woman; it's a boy
  54. Is this a boy?
    No, it isn't a boy; it's a girl
  55. 1
  56. 2
  57. 3
  58. 4
  59. 5
  60. on
  61. under
  62. in
  63. Is the pen on the book?
    No, the pen isn't on the book; it's in the book
  64. is the pen under the book?
    No, the pen isn't under the book; the pen on the book
  65. Is this Anna Brown?
    No, it isn't Anna Brown; It's Mr. Brown
  66. Is this Mr Brown?
    No, it isn't Mr Brown; It's Mrs Brown
  67. Is this Mrs Brown?
    No, it isn't Mrs Brown; It's Jack Brown
  68. Is this Jack Brown?
    No, it isn't Jack Brown; It's Anna Brown
  69. black
  70. white
  71. green
  72. brown
  73. what colour?
    que cor?
  74. What colour’s this pencil? 
    This pencil’s black, white, green and brown
  75. 6
  76. 7
  77. 8
  78. 9
  79. 10
  80. Where’s the pen?
    The pen's on the book
  81. Where's the book?
    The book's on the table
  82. Where's the pen?
    The pen's under the table
  83. Where's the picture?
    The picture's on the wall.
  84. Where’s the light?
    The light's on the ceiling

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