Chapter 14

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  1. one of the public services affected when the public service reforms were in place
    Philippine health care service
  2. Before the reforms in public service were initiated, the nationla government provided health care services through a ---
    Centralized hierarchical system
  3. ___ and ___ were passed by the Senate and the House of Representatives on ___ and ___  devolcing certain functions to the Local Government Units
    • Senate Bill No. 155
    • House Bill No. 31046
    • September 10, 1991¬†
    • September 12, 1991
  4. declare that the state shall provide a more responsive and accountable local government structure instituted through a system of decentralization whereby LGUs shall be given more power
    Section 2 of RA 7160
  5. Republic Act 7160 is also known as
    Local Government Code of the Philippines
  6. come from general appropriation process or through earmarked taxes which involve preparation of annual budgetary programs
    Public funds
  7. Prescribed amount by the WHO to be appropriated for health care
    5% of the country's GNP
  8. amount determined by the World Bank for the annual per capita investment for the low income countries
  9. amount determined by the World Bank for the annual per capita investment for the middle income countries
  10. out of pocket payments by users of health goods and services
    User charges
  11. health services whose benefits accrue directly and exclusively to the person using the particular health care services
    Personal Health Care
  12. Services intended to benefit everyone in the community regardless of whether or not the consciously seek or avail the service
    Public Health Care
  13. expenses incurred in the production and delivery of health care to end users, cost of training health providers etc
    Other Cost
  14. primary measurement tool of health care spending
    Health account
  15. it is a set of statistics that systematically presents health care spending or simply the framework compilation of information on the country's health expenditures
    Health account
  16. Categories of health account
    • National Health Accounts
    • Local Accounts
  17. sum of public health expenditure and private health expenditure in a given year
    Total Health Care Expenditure
  18. is the amount spent on health per person
    Per capita health expenditure
  19. per capita amount of the sum of outlays on health paid for b taxes, social security contributions and external resources
    Public health expenditure per capita
  20. comprises the direct outlays earmarked for enhancement of health status of the population and the distribution of medical goods and services among population
    national government spending
  21. sum of expenditure on health paid by government entities
    general government expenditure on health
  22. the outlays of insurers and third part payers
    Private Expenditure on Health
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