SPK208 midterm

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  1. 3 steps for choosing your topic?
    • consider the assignment
    • consider your audience
    • focus on your knowledge and interests
  2. four topic strategies?
    • research
    • brainstorming
    • word association
    • mind mapping
  3. 3 steps in selecting your main points?
    • consider your purpose
    • take your audience into account
    • select appropriate number
  4. creating a hierarchy of points and supporting materials
  5. deals with location, direction or geopgraphy
    special pattern
  6. time based sequence, beginning to end
    chronological pattern
  7. explains a cause and effect relationship
    causal pattern
  8. organized around similarities and differences
    comparison pattern
  9. used in persuasive speeches, 3 main parts
    problem-cause solution
  10. has 2 main points and establishes the criteria that listener should use, then apply criteria to topic
    criteria-application pattern
  11. speech organized as a story
    narrative pattern
  12. use with diverse set of main points
    catergorical pattern
  13. word or phrase that connects an idea or speech part to another
  14. words/phrases that aid in organization and direction
  15. short list of ideas that will follow
    internal preview
  16. a quick review of subpoints and mainpoints
    internal summary
  17. organized language?
    • transitions
    • signposts
    • internal preview
    • internal summary
  18. elements of introduction?
    • attention getter
    • these statement
    • WIIFM
    • statement of authority
    • preview of main points
  19. types of attention getters?
    • tell a story
    • present startling fact or idea
    • build suspense
    • highlight common ground
    • use humor
    • rhetorical question
    • quotations
  20. elements of conclusion?
    • summarizes main points
    • clincher
  21. verbal delivery skills?
    • tone
    • monotone
    • volume
    • rate
    • projection
    • articulation
    • pronunciation
    • pausing
    • verbal fillers/tics
  22. nonverbal delivery skills?
    • eye contact
    • gestures
    • physical movement
    • proxemics
    • personal appearance
  23. purpose of introduction?
    • gain audiences attention
    • signals the topic and purpose of speech
    • conveys importance
    • establishes credibility
    • preview main points
  24. purpose of conclusion?
    sum up the message you developed in the body of your speech and leave a memorable impression
  25. a thorough outline that you use to craft your speech, relatively detailed
    working outline
  26. a shorter outline that expresses your ideas in keywords or brief phrases rather than in complete sentences
    speaking outline
  27. analyzing your audience?
    focus on your audience's demographics and any common ground between yourself and the audience
  28. techniques to clarify your message?
    • move from general to specific
    • reduce the quantity of information you present
    • make complex information seem familiar
    • use presentation aids
    • reiterate your message
    • repeat your message
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