Mu Phi Week 1

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  1. What are the four points of the mission of MPE?
    • Foster the ideals of service to school and community
    • develop an awareness that artistic gifts are to be shared
    • promote high scholarship, musicianship, and friendship through service
    • provide opportunities for strong artistic and personal abilities
  2. What are the purposes?
    • The recognition of musicianship and scholarship
    • the development of a bond of friendship
  3. What are the aims?
    • The promotion of musicianship, scholarship, therapy, and education
    • The advancement of music in the community, the nation, and the world
    • service through music
  4. What is the creed?
    I believe in MUSIC, the noblest of all the arts, a source of much that is good, just and beautiful; in FRIENDSHIP, marked by love, kindness, and sincerity; and in HARMONY, the essence of a true and happy life. I believe in the bond of our Fraternity, loyal, generous, and self-sacrificing, and its strength shall ever guide me in the path that leads upward toward the stars.
  5. What are the words to the Triangle?
    Oh tell us what this life would be, if it were not for song. For music soothes the troubled hear, and makes our courage strong. But sad would all our music be if we knew not a friend. Our lives would very lonely be, Our cares would never end. With music, friends, and harmony Our lives are filled with power. As music sends us on out paths, And brightens every hour. Mu Phi, Mu Phi, Mu Phi Epsilon!
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