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  1. Cardinal Jaine Sin led a revolution here
    The Philippines
  2. Jacob Smith ordered the execution of all people over the age of 10 in this country
    The Philippines
  3. Caution Criminalis was written about witch burnings in this war
    30 Years War
  4. The Pappenheims were executed in this war
    30 Years War
  5. Henry Clay Frick was involved with this
    Holmstead Strike
  6. Meet you in hell was about this man
    Andrew Carnegie
  7. The Law of Success is about this man
    Andrew Carnegie
  8. The Panjdeh Incidence occurred during this
    The Great Game
  9. Reinsurance Treaty established this
    League of the Three Emperors
  10. "Shoes Yes Books No!"
    Juan Peron
  11. Montonerros supported him
    Juan Peron
  12. Alfredo Strassener worked with him
    Juan Peron
  13. Battle of Samugarh came after his death
    Shah Jahan
  14. Pelipidas ruled this city
  15. The Baule Speech was given by him
    François Mitterrand
  16. Francesco Alledosi was his secretary
    Julius II
  17. His daughter's name was Madonna Felice
    Julius II
  18. He said "the pen is mightier than the sword"
    Cardinal Richeliu
  19. He feuded with the Marquis of Cinq-Mars
    Cardinal Richeliu
  20. He supposedly said Breisach is ours
    Cardinal Richeliu
  21. Ja’far ibn Yahya worked for this dynasty
    Abbasid Dynasty
  22. This dynasty's civil war was the Anarchy at Samarra
  23. "Not the beginning of the end but the end of the beginning"
  24. Siege of Sidney Street was done by him
    Winston Churchill
  25. Leopold the Virtuous built its walls
  26. The Constellation Scutum was for this man and action
    Jan Sobieski, Siege of Vienna
  27. Thornton Affair caused this speech
    Spot Resolutions
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