A&P practical 2 (part 1)

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  1. Splenius capitis
    extend head
  2. sternocleidomastoid
    flexion of neck forward
  3. scalene
    elevate ribs 1-2
  4. trapezius
    retracts scapula
  5. levator scapulae
    elevates scapula
  6. frontalis
    raises eyebrows
  7. occipitalis
    pulls scalp posteriorly
  8. orbicularis oculi
    closes eye
  9. orbicularis oris
    closes lips
  10. platysma
    tenses skin of neck
  11. zygomaticus major and minor
    raises lateral corners of mouth upward
  12. temporalis
    closes jaw
  13. masseter
    elevates mandible
  14. lateral pterygoid
    protracts mandible
  15. medial pterygoid
    elevates mandible
  16. digastric
    depresses mandible
  17. buccinator
    compresses cheek
  18. sternothyroid
    pulls larynx and thyroid bone inferiorly
  19. risorius
    tenses lip
  20. sternohyoid
    flex skull
  21. stylohyoid
    elevates hyoid bone
  22. mylohyoid
    elevates hyoid bone
  23. omohyoid
    depresses hyoid bone
  24. thyrohyoid
    depresses hyoid bone
  25. geniohyoid
    elevates tongue
  26. genioglossus
    draws tongue forward
  27. hyoglossus
    draws tongue downwards
  28. styloglossus
    draws tongue upwards
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