A&P practical 2 (part 2)

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  1. Pectoralis major
    medially rotates arm
  2. pectoralis minor
    draws scapula forward
  3. serratus anterior
    rotates scapula
  4. deltoid
    prime mover of arm abduction
  5. external intercostal
    pulls rib toward one another to elevate rib cage
  6. internal intercostal
    depresses rib cage
  7. diaphragm
    flattens on contraction
  8. external abdominal oblique
    compresses abdominal wall
  9. internal abdominal oblique
    compresses abdomen
  10. transverse abdominis
    compresses abdominal contents
  11. rectus abdominis
    rotates vertebral column
  12. latissimus dorsi
    medially rotates arm
  13. quadratus lumborum
    flexes verterbral column
  14. levator scapulae
    adducts scapula
  15. trapezius
    retracts scapula
  16. splenius capitis
    extend head
  17. teres major
    adducts humerus
  18. teres minor
    rotates the arm laterally
  19. supraspinatus
    stabilizes should joint
  20. infraspinatus
    stabilizes shoulder
  21. subscapularis
    rotates head of humerus
  22. coracobrachialis
    adducts humerus
  23. rhomboid major and minor
    stabilizes scapula
  24. triceps brachii (long, lateral, medial head)
    powerful forearm extendor
  25. biceps brachii (short, long head)
    flexion of elbow
  26. brachialis
    major flexor of forearm
  27. brachioradialis
    synergist in forearm flexion
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