AP Language Unit 4 Test

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  1. atrophy
    (n) the wasting away of a body organ or tissue; any progressive decline or failure; (v) to waste away
  2. bastion
    (n) a fortified place, stronghold
  3. concord
    (n) a state of agreement, harmony, unanimity; a treaty, pact, covenent
  4. consummate
    (adj) complete or perfect in the highest degree; (v) to bring to a state of completion or perfection
  5. disarray
    (n) disorder, confusion; (v) to throw into disorder
  6. exigency
    (n, oft plural) urgency, pressure; urgent demand, pressing need; an emergency
  7. flotsam
    (n) floating debris; homeless, impoverished people
  8. frenetic
    (adj) frenzied, highly agitated
  9. glean
    (v) to gather bit by bit; to gather small quantities of grain left in a field by the reapers
  10. grouse
    (n) a type of game bird; a complaint; (v) to complain, grumble
  11. incarcerate
    (v) to imprison, confine, jail
  12. incumbent
    (adj) obligatory, required; (n) one who holds a specific at the time spoken of
  13. jocular
    (adj) humorous, jesting, joking, jolly
  14. ludicrous
    (adj) ridiculous, laughable, absurd
  15. mordant
    (adj) biting or caustic in thought, manner, or style; sharply or bitterly harsh
  16. nettle
    (n) a prickly or stinging plant; (v) to arouse displeasure, impatience or anger; to vex or irritate severly
  17. pecuniary
    (adj) containing of or measured in money; of or related to money
  18. pusillanimous
    (adj) contemptibly cowardly or mean-spirited
  19. recumbent
    (adj) in a reclining position, lying down, in the posture of one sleeping or resting
  20. strategem
    (n) a scheme to outwit or deceive an opponent or to gain an end
  21. astute
    very clever, cunning, shrewd
  22. audacious
    extremely bold or daring; unrestrained
  23. auspicious
    favored by fortune, prosperous
  24. dissipate
    to scatter in various directions; disperse; dispel
  25. Pearls before swine
    items of quality offered to those who aren't cultured enough to appreciate them
  26. benevolent
    characterized by or expressing goodwill or kindly feelings
  27. bereft
  28. bourgeois
    a person whose political, economical and social opinions are believed to be determined by concern for property values and conventional respectability
  29. cynical
    distrustful, contemptuous, pessimistic towards the motives of others
  30. once in a blue moon
    happens very rarely
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