History of Computers

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  1. developed by Scottish mathematician John Napier for multiplication
    Napier's Bones
  2. developed by English mathematician William Oughtred
    slide rule
  3. Who built the first mechanical adding machine in Paris
    Blaise Pascal
  4. Developed by blaise pascal for additions and subtractions
  5. Developed the Stepped Reckoner, a mechanical calculating machine that adds, subtracts, multiples, and divides
    Gottried von Leibniz
  6. Invented the weaving loom which used metal cards to thread, the first program
    Joseph Jacquard
  7. Worked on the difference engine, for ship nav tables, and the analytical engine, the first "computer" because it followed instructions from punch cards
    Charlie Babbage
  8. First programmer
    Lady Ada Byron
  9. Who formed IBM and developed the tabulating machine used to calculate a census
    Herman Hollerith
  10. Howard Aiken and Grace Hopper developed this large electromagnetically computer
    Mark I
  11. First generation computers used
    vacuum tubes
  12. Best known early computer developed at UPenn
  13. The first computer
  14. Who developed the idea that a computer stores instruction in a cpu, developed edvac and edsac
    John Von Neuman
  15. First general purpose computer developed for scientific and commercial use
  16. Second generation computers used these
  17. Third generation computers used these
    integrated circuits
  18. What gave birth to the era of microprocessors
    Intel 4004
  19. Who programmed for Mark I, led the effort to develop colbol, coined the word debug
    Grace Hopper
  20. John Backus developed this for scientific computing
  21. First operating system
  22. Who developed the C programming language
    Dennis ritchie
  23. What was the killer application
  24. Based on the Mostek 6502 chip, developed by steve Woz
    Apple I
  25. Steve Jobs and Steve Woz built this which came with a monitor and keyboard
    Apple 2
  26. Developed Cp/m os, could have been Bill gates
    Gary kildall
  27. IBM's first pc
    acorn or IBM 5150
  28. Who redesigned the C programming language
    Bjarne Stroustrup
  29. First computer to have a gui
  30. First affordable computer to have a gui
    The Mac
  31. 1995 a new C++ languaged is developed named oak, later renmaed to ...
  32. Paul Allen and Bill Gates wrote a complier for this language on the altair
  33. Best version of Windows
    Windows 95
  34. Software Development Process
    • Analysis
    • Design
    • Implementation
    • Integration
    • Maintenance
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