Patho Exam 2-Hormones

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  1. 5 things that can cause hormonal alterations
    • target cell fails to respond to hormone
    • decreased number of recepters
    • defective hormone-receptor binding
    • impaired receptor functioning/insensitivity
    • antibodies against receptors mimic hormones
  2. What disorders may involve inadequate synthesis of second messenger such as cAMP, needed to signal intracellular events
  3. Which target cell response happens most often and why?
    Water soluble (insulin) easier than lipid-soluble (TH)
  4. What is associated with several forms of cancer because of ectopic secretion of ADH by tumor cells
  5. Pt presents to the clinic c/o thirst, impaired taste, anorexia, DOE, fatigue, and dulled consciousness. What do u suspect he has
  6. What is an organic lesion of the hypothalamus or PP that interferes with ADH synthesis, transport, or release
    Neurogenic DI
  7. Pt with diabetes insipidous presents to the clinic c/o excessive urine output.What test would be performed and what results are expected? Treatment?
    • Water restriction test or dehydration
    • ADH replacement-Vasopressin
  8. 3 things that cause Hypofunction of the gland r/t DI
    • Infarction
    • Removal/destruction
    • Space-compression on secreting pituitary cells
  9. What is Panhypopituitarism
    All hormones absent
  10. What tumors caus hyperpituitarism that are benign and slow growing
    Pituitary adenoma
  11. What is an enlargement caused in response to increased demand for TH
    Diffuse toxic goiter
  12. What is thyroiditis caused by circulating antibodies and infiltration of lymphocytes
  13. What is subclinical hypothyroidism
    elevated TSH and normal TH
  14. What is connective fibers separated by increased amount of protein and mucoploysaccarides which bind water, causing non pitting edema (especially around eyes)
  15. What is the most common endocrine malignancy
    Thyroid carcinoma
  16. Hypothyroidism in infants b/c of absent thyroid tissue and hereditary defects in TH synthesis
  17. Following pospartum delivery a baby weighs 9.5 lbs, has a temp of 96.7, delayed bowel movement, and appears yellow and has yellow conjunctiva. What do u suspect the baby has?
  18. What is the failed feedback mechanism that causes increased PTH which causes hypercalcemia and decreased phostphate
    Primary Hyperparathyroidism
  19. What is the compensatory response to chronic hypocalcemia and how does it compensate?
    Secondary Hyperparathyroidism-When Calcium is low, there is an increase in PTH (excessive osteoclastic/lytic activity)
  20. What is associated with insulin resistance, kidney stones, GI disturbances, muscle weakness, lethargy, and dehydration
    Secondary Hyperparathyroidism
  21. What is the most common cause of hypoparathyroidism
    damage during thyroid surgery
  22. What is the criteria glucose levels for DM
    • FBG->126
    • Oral GTT >200
    • Random BG 200 without regard of time to last meal
  23. 3 P's of DM
    Polydipsia, polyuria, polyphagia
  24. What type of diabetes is common in whites at the age of 12 in which there is lack of insulin and increased glucose
    Type 1
  25. What genetic problem increases risk for DM by 20-40 times
    HLA-DR3 and HLA-DR4
  26. Why is glucose found in the urine
    There is so much glucose the body can't use it so it accumulates and is then excreted
  27. What can cause Type 2 diabetes
    diet and oral sulfonylureas, obesity
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