The Skull

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  1. What are the 7 bones that make up the cranium?
    • Occipital Bone
    • Interparietal Bone
    • Parietal Bones
    • Temporal Bones
    • Frontal Bones
    • Ethmoid
    • Sphenoid
  2. Name each Bone in the Cranium and what portion of the skull is it located in?
    • Occipital Bone- CaudoVentral portion or cranium
    • Interpariatel Bones - Dorsal portion between Occipital/Parietal Bones
    • Parietal Bone-Dorsal Lateral Portion of skull.
    • Frontal Bone- RostroLateral Portion of skull.
    • Temporal Bone- VentroLateral Portion of skull.
    • Sphenoid Bone- Ventral portion of the skull.
    • Ethmoid Bone- Is Rostral to sphenoid bone
  3. What bone forms part of the eye Orbit?
    The Frontal Bones and the zygomatic bones 
  4. What do Frontal Bones Contain?
    Frontal Bones contain frontal sinuses
  5. What is the Foramen Magnum? What bone is it located on?
    The Foramen Magnum is the large opening located on the Occipital Bone. Its it where the Spinal Chord exists the skull
  6. What role do the Occipital Condyles play?
    Occipital Condyles are found in the Occipital Bone where they form a joint w/ the Atlas 

    (Atlas-1st Cervical Vertebra)
  7. What opening do Temporal Bones contain?
    Temporal bones contain the External Acustic Meatus Opening, leads to the middle/inner ear cavities
  8. What does the Temporal Bone Form?
    • The Temporal Bone forms PORTION of the Zygomatic Arch.
    •             AND
    • The Temporo-Mandibular Joint W/ the Mandible.
  9. What is the Tympanic/Auditory Bulla?
    The Bulla is an egg shaped swelling on the Ventral Surface, containing the middle ear structure.
  10. What are the external bones of the face?
    • The External Face Bones are: 
    • Nasal
    • Incisive/Premaxilla
    • Zygomatic/Zygomatic Arch
    • Maxilla
    • Palantine
    • Bulla
    • Mandible
  11. The Incisive Bone is made up of how many bones? Located where? important part/structure?
    The incisive Bone is made up of the 2  most rostral skull Bones.

    It houses Incisor Teeth/Dental pad
  12. The Nasal Bones is made up of how many bones? Located where? important part/structure?
    • The Nasal Bone is composed of 2 Bones 
    • located in the dorsal part of the nasal cavity, forming the bridge of nose.
  13. The Maxillary Bones is made up of how many bones? Located where? important part/structure?
    • The Maxillary Bone is  made of 2 bones, located as the majority of the upper Jaw.
    • Houses upper Canine Teeth/Premolar Teeth.
    • Contains Maxillary Sinuses.
    • Forms PORTION of hard palate.
  14. What bone houses your canine && pre molar teeth ?
    The Maxillary Bone Houses Canine & Pre molar teeth
  15. The Lacriminal Bone is made up of how many bones? Located where?important part/structure?
    The lacrimal Bone is made up of 2 SMALL bones. Located in part of the eye orbit.

    contains lacrimal sacs (Part of Tear Draining System)
  16. The Zygomatic Bone is made up of how many bones? Located where? Special characteristics?
    The Zygomatic Bone is made of 2 bones. Just below and behind eyes. forming Portion of eye orbit.
  17. What Bones is the Widest Bone in the Skull?
    The Zygomatic Arch is the widest Bone in the skull . Easily palpated on each side just below nd behind the eyes
  18. The Mandible Bone is made up of how many bones? Located where? important part/structure?
    The Mandible Bone is made of 2 bones united Rostrally by Mandibular Synthesis. It forms the lower jaw.
  19. What are the 2 parts of the Mandible Bone? How are they attached?
    The Mandible Bone is Composed of the shaft (Horizantal Part) and the Ramus (Verticle Part)
  20. What is the shaft in regards the the skull?
    The shaft is the Horizantal part of the Mandible Bone. It is attached to the Ramus by Mandibular Synthesis and houses all lower teeth
  21. What is the Ramus in regards to the skull?
    The Ramus is part of the verticle part of the Mandible Bone attached to the shaft by mandibular synthesis. Its claudal end forms Temporamadibular joint w/ Temporal bone.
  22. What attaches to the Ramus part of the Mandible Bone?
    Powerful jaw muscles attach at the Ramus
  23. What are the internal bones in the face?
    The Internal Bones of the face is/are Turbinates
  24. What are Turbinates? and its function?
    Turbinates are thin scroll like bones that fill majority of the space in the nasal cavity.

    Turbinates play an important role in "conditioning air".
  25. The sphenoid Bone is made up of how many bones? Located where? important part/structure?
    • The Sphenoid Bone is made of 2 bones.
    • Located on the ventral portion of the skull.

    contains Pituitary Fossa and Sphenoid Sinus
  26. The Ethmoid Bone is made up of how many bones? Located where? important part/structure?
    The Ethmoid bone is a single bone located on rostral to the Sphenoid Bone.

    It contains Cribriform Plate as well as ethmoidal sinus
  27. What is the Cribriform plate?
    The Cribriform plate is located in the Ethmoid bone, where olfactory nerves pass through the upper portion of the nasal cavity into the brain, (sense of smell)
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