Chapter 10 Objections

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  1. Hidden, stalling, no-need, money, product
    are the 5 major categories of objections
  2. i'll think it over
    the stall objection
  3. sounds good but i am not interested
    no-need objection
  4. i cannot afford it
    no-money objection
  5. utility or fulfillment
    the product objection
  6. loyalty, reputation
    source objection
  7. there is also a hidden objection, is it separate from the other 5?
    prospects who ask trivial, unimportant questions or conceal their feelings beneath a veil of silence have hidden objections.
  8. What would it take to convince you..
    What causes you to say that?
    Tell me, what's really on your mind
    Let's consider this.. 
    If money was no object..
    ways to smoke out that hidden objective
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