ICND2 200-101 WAN

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  1. With WANs what is a DS0 and how fast is it?
    Digital Signal 0 (DS0). It is 64Kbps the bandwidth needed for a phone call.
  2. How fast is a T1 line and how man DS0s?
    1.544 Mbps equal to 24 DS0s.
  3. How fast is an E1 line and how many DS0s?
    2.048 Mbps equal to 30 DS0s. Also known as a DS3.
  4. How fast is a T3 line and how man T1s does it equal?
    44.736 Mbps and is equal to 28 T1s.
  5. How fast is an OC-3 and what does it stand for? How many DS3s is it?
    Optical Carier 3 (OC-3) is 155.52 Mbps and is 3 DS3s.
  6. How fast is an OC-12?
    OC-12 is 622.08 Mbps.
  7. How fast is an OC-48?
    2.488 Gbps
  8. What does DTE/DCE stand for and what is it referring to?
    • (Data Terminal Equipment) DTE is the equipment that makes up your LAN. 
    • (Data Communication Equipment) TCE is the Wide Area Network provider's equipment.
  9. What is a dedicated (Leased Line)?
    It is a Dedicated line from one CPE through the DCE to the CPE on the remote LAN. This usually cost a lot of money.
  10. What does ISDN stand for?
    Integrated Services Digital Network
  11. What does HDLC stand for?
    High-Level Data-Link Control
  12. What does PPP stand for?
    Point to Point Protocol
  13. What does DSL stand for?
    Digital Subscriber Line
  14. What does ATM stand for?
    Asynchronous Transfer Mode. used for time sensitive data. If you use frame relay you probably use frame relay over ATM.
  15. What is Cisco LRE? What are the speeds and distances it can cover?
    Cisco Long Range Ethernet. It can reach speeds from 5 to 15 Mbps up to 5,000 feet over twisted pair wire!
  16. What does DTE/DCE stand for? and what is a DTE and a DCE?
    Data Terminal Equipment (DTE) Data Communication Equipment (DCE). DTE the equipment on your LAN usually refering to your gateway. DCE is your ISP's equipment used to transfer your data.
  17. What does HDLC stand for and what is it.
    High-level Data Link Control. HDLC is a serial link protocol. Every vendor has there own version of HDLC, so Cisco HDLC only works with only Cisco devices.
  18. If your serial link does not have Cisco devices on each end what protocol will you have to use?
    HDLC is vendor proprietary so you have to use PPP.
  19. With PPP what does LCP use for authentication?
    Link Control Protocol uses PAP and CHAP.
  20. What is PPP's authentication PAP? and what are the key features of it?
    Password Authentication Protocol sends user name and passwords in clear text and there is no encryption.
  21. What is PPP's authentication CHAP? and what are the key features of it?
    Challenge Handshake authentication Protocol offers authentication that is hashed and offers encryption.
  22. Where do you enable PPP?
    • It is enabled on the interface.
    • Router(config-if)#encapsulation ppp
  23. When using PPP what is true regarding the password?
    The passwords on both routers must match and they are case sensitive.
  24. When using the command
    R1#sh interfaces serial 0/0/0
    Encapsualation PPP, LCP Open
    What does "LCP Open" mean?
    "LCP Open" means that LCP is completed and working successfully.
  25. What is LMI, and what does it do?
    • -Local Management Interface (LMI) is the signaling standard between the local router and the first ISP frame relay switch. 
    • -It is how the Frame Relay switch tells the router about DLCIs, keep alives, and route information.
  26. What are the LMI signaling standards?
    • -Cisco
    • -ANSI T1.617 annex D
    • -Q.933 annex A
  27. What are different encapsulation methods for frame relay?
    • -Cisco
    • -IETF
  28. If you have a router on one end of a frame relay connection and a non-cisco router on the other what encapsulation do you have to use?
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