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rise of rome
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  1. rise of rome:

    rome quickly absorbed by_____and ruling by kingship

    in ____bc, kings overthrown and area reclaimed
    • etruscans
    • 509
  2. leading to roman republic
    • rome looked to athens
    • statues of harmodius and aristogeiton in place
    • rome asserts itself into italy and goes through treaty breaking phase
  3. punic war
    • rome went into conflict with karthage a naval power
    • romans were terrible at sea, so they lost
    • rome realized needed to invest in naval warfare, but were better on land
    • rome stumbled onto a karthaginian shipwreck
    • rome used shipwreck as bases for plotting attack and therefore made bridges to connect to ships and fight on solid grounding like land.
    • rome defeated karthage

    2nd punic war - hannibalic war, scipio africanus defeated hannibal, making rome victor

    3rd  war - rome started, tore everything down. after defeating karthage - rome stood as strongest empire in mediterranian. conquered all of alex the greats kingdoms except parthia
  4. 5 good emporers and significance
    • Nerva
    • Trajan
    • Hadrian
    • Pius
    • Aurelius

    they aimed for constant restoration and prosperity for people and land. did not owe their leadership to military advancement and did not choose their children as their successors.